Syncro among the top 500 companies in the province of Vicenza

Top 1000 Companies Report for 2021

Publiadige has released the 2021 edition of its “Top 1000 Companies Report” in conjunction with the Giornale di Vicenza. The report provides a snapshot of the health of the province’s top 1000 companies in the form of key figures from the previous year’s financial reports (2020 in this case). Syncro System S.p.A. stands in 497th place with a turnover of 16,121,068 euros.

Last year, Syncro System S.p.A. was at no. 828 in the table. This impressive jump up the ratings is the result of the merger between Francom S.p.A. and Syncro System Italia S.r.l., combining the turnovers of the two previous members of the Syncro Group. Even without this merger, however, Syncro System S.p.A. would still have risen to around 770th place.

Syncro System confirms its resilience to unforeseeable events in 2022

For the same business perimeter, turnover remained substantially unchanged between 2019 and 2020, confirming Syncro’s ability to overcome brilliantly even the most difficult moments. Remember that in 2020, Syncro System, along with many other Italian companies, was forced to close for an extended period of lockdown as a result of the Covid epidemic.

As Luca Comunello, the company’s president explains, “Our financial report for the year was excellent despite Covid, with increased profit and amortisation and reduced financial charges”. The forecast is positive too, despite the difficulties encountered in sourcing materials and delayed deliveries of new vans in recent months. “We can foresee further growth in 2022. Our order books have been filling up recently because van manufacturers are behind with deliveries of new vehicles. So prospects for 2020 are looking good, provided the manufacturers can overcome the production problems that have plagued them this year.”