Syncro’s first ever van equipment, installed 23 years ago

Worried how long Syncro System van racking lasts? These images should put your mind at ease! After 23 years of daily work, our FIRST EVER customer returned and asked us to change his old racking for a new system. Not because it’s broken or worn out, but simply because he reckons it’s time for a change. Almost as immortal as “Highlander”! Syncro System’s FIRST EVER complete racking system, installed back in 1996, was removed a few days ago, exactly 23 years later. The system has spent over two decades in a van operated by an electrician who works at Francom’s old HQ in Via San Zeno. This proves what we’ve always said: Syncro System van racking products are not just tough … they are almost indestructible. The racking in these photos has certainly acquired its fair share of dirt and is even slightly dented in some places, but it still works perfectly. So why does the owner want to change? “I’m fed up with looking at the same old racking every day,” our electrician explains, “and I want something new!” If you don’t believe us, just look at the design – now obsolete – and the small red handles on the case trays! This racking really is 23 years old and has been subject to regular, hard, daily use by an industrial electrician for all this time. The owner confirms he is more that satisfied. “It’s done everything I bought it for,” he explains, “and I wouldn’t change it for any other racking – only for new Syncro racking!” Our customers are our best references: Syncro products are made to help them become more efficient every day, and to save them time and money. We also work hard every day to improve: we use our past achievements as the starting point to design racking that is tougher, lighter, more versatile and more functional than ever.
If you want to benefit from Syncro quality, ask us for free advice and an obligation-free quote: working together, we can transform your van into the perfect mobile workshop for your business!