Ten years of support for “I bambini delle Fate”

Syncro System has now been supporting the “I bambini delle Fate” foundation for ten years. In conjunction with many other firms in the Veneto region, ten years ago Syncro system decided to take part in an ambitious but very practical project: to form a support group willing to make regular contributions to the foundation, thereby permitting the planning of continuous activities promoting the social inclusion of young people and families with autism and other conditions.

The “FARCELA” association

The projects of the “Farcela” association are all local, so contributing companies know they are helping to finance actions in the community. Along with another 38 companies, Syncro System supports the local “Farcela” association in Castelfranco. The projects this association runs range from consolidated sporting activities like baskin and swimming to hippotherapy, an extremely popular theatrical workshop, and self-awareness courses like “I Choose” and “Adult Identity”. In these events, under the guidance of experienced operators and educators, the young people tackle problems like time, money and mobile phone management, behaviour in social situations like taking a bus, going shopping and everyday family activities like helping in the kitchen and personal care.

“Our support for the Foundation helps make society a better place for everybody.”

Luca Comunello, president of Syncro System explains the company’s policy: “Like all other companies, Syncro does not operate in a vacuum. We can only exist and prosper because we live in an area and a community that allow us to do so. So, it is only right for us to support the people who make up that community, to respect the environment, to comply with all laws and regulations and to allocate some of our profits to improving the lives of those most in need. Our support for “I Bambini delle Fate” helps make society a better place for everybody, and that includes ourselves.

Looking to the future, Luca Comunello is in no doubt about Syncro System’s eagerness to continue supporting the project, despite the crisis currently facing Italian industry. “It’s true that these are tough times for companies,” he explains, “but in my experience, there have always been problems of one sort or another and there probably always will be . Syncro is geared up to overcome adversities, so for the foreseeable future we shall continue to support the work of ‘I Bambini delle Fate’”.