A solution for a tiler’s Opel Vivaro

A special solution for a tiler in an Opel Vivaro

Syncro System components give complete freedom to customise van racking to meet users’ needs. The experts at your nearest Syncro dealer are sure to find a custom solution to satisfy your requests quickly and effectively. The gallery on this page illustrates an Opel Vivaro that has been customised for a tile layer and fitted with liners and accessories for cargo retaining and cleaning.

The Vivaro’s liners: complete protection

No matter what you use your van for, it is essential to fit efficient liners to protect the interior against impact and humidity. This Vivaro is fitted with an excellent, complete lining system. The floor, the side walls, the bulkhead, the tops of the doors and even the wheel arches have all been thoroughly protected.

A choice of materials for the Vivaro’s liners

The Syncro catalogue contains a wide range of liners in a choice of materials and finishes. In this Vivaro, operated by a tiler, the floor and bulkhead are lined in marble-look plywood, a material that offers excellent grip and is amazingly easy to clean (thanks to a clever dot pattern). The walls and doors are protected by painted steel panels while the wheel arches are covered in galvanised steel at the tops and marble-look plywood at the sides.

This tiler’s choice: no racking, just accessories

When you think about van racking, it’s easy to think only of drawers and shelves. This van demonstrates that it is also possible to fit out a commercial vehicle without conventional storage. It’s really up to you! A combination of liners and accessories may be exactly what you need for carrying your cargo in an orderly and functional way. The tiler’s Vivaro illustrated on this page is fitted only with cargo retaining and cleaning accessories.

Cargo retaining accessories

Syncro boasts a vast catalogue of cargo retaining accessories. These components let you carry all kinds and material and equipment and keep everything firmly in place while the van is travelling. This Vivaro is fitted with:
  • An aluminium bar with two adjustable and movable hooks. These accessories can be used to hold various types of cargo. The hooks can be moved closer or further away in just a few seconds and can even slide in and out to any depth between 90 and 140 mm.
  • Three bar, strap and hook cargo retaining systems. These versatile straps can be extended to secure cargo of all shapes and sizes.
  • Two cable holders, perfect for carrying electrical cables, belts and hoses.

Cleaning accessories

This Vivaro has also been fitted with three essential cleaning accessories: a paper roll holder, a bottle of liquid soap with dispenser in a holder, and a plastic water can with tap in a second, dedicated holder. The last two are all fitted to one of the rear doors where they are immediately accessible for use on site.

Proper equipment keeps your van tidy and saves you time too

It doesn’t matter how many components you install in your van provided the system is properly designed to meet your needs and your van interior is adequately protected against damage and wear. Syncro solutions guarantee a dramatic improvement in order and tidiness, saving you valuable time throughout your working day. And if your needs change? No problem! You can add or remove racking parts at any time. Just get in touch with your nearest Syncro dealer.





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