A Vivaro for installing boilers and air conditioners

Here’s how to optimise space in a high-roof Vivaro

The van illustrated on this page is a high-roof Opel Vivaro. In it, the Syncro team has perfectly satisfied the requirements of the customer, a firm that installs central heating boilers and air conditioning systems. We were asked to make use of every inch of the left side wall as storage for tools, equipment and spares, and to leave the rest of the floor free for carrying bulky items like heat pumps, air conditioners and boilers.

A superb storage system

The racking installed along the left side wall of this Vivaro has absolutely everything the customer needs. At the bottom, over the wheel arch, is a compartment for storing cables or large tools, complete with a door to stop items falling out. Further along, one above the other, are a number of open and closed compartments that provide storage for boxes and other items. The racking also includes a tray with metal cases for carrying drills and other power tools in total safety. The Syncro team has also provided metal drawers with non-slip mats and space dividers for practical storage. The van even boasts a large number of transparent containers and, less obvious but equally useful, a series of compartments at different heights, because you can never be too tidy at work. Last but not least come various cargo retaining accessories, including a bar rack and rails for use with hooks and straps.

Super-functional, transparent, plastic containers

The presence of so many transparent containers is hardly surprising. These are one of Syncro’s best-selling products and a hot favourite with customers for carrying small spares, screws, nuts and bolts. Easy to remove and replace, they afford a clear view of contents even when closed. A large number have been installed in this van, and additional compartments can even be created inside by fitting space dividers. These characteristics make Syncro’s transparent containers ideal for carrying a complete stock of commonly needed materials and parts, with everything immediately visible and quickly accessible.

Internal ladder rack

On the van’s right side wall, which is protected by a painted metal liner, a milled rail with a hook and strap retaining system has been fitted for carrying a ladder inside the vehicle. The ladder is supported by the wheel arch to make maximum use of available space.

Any make, any model, any job

Syncro System racking can be installed in any model of van and can be configured to meet the most diverse needs. This amazing versatility is the result of modular design and the availability of different components that can be offset one with respect to another. Modular design: drawers, shelves, open and closed storage compartments and plastic containers can all be included in different numbers and combinations, arranged individually, vertically or side by side, thanks to a unique modular structure. Offset installation: to exploit the last inch of space in any van, Syncro cabinets are available in different depths, allowing them to be aligned at the front while following the curve of the van’s body at the rear. Vast range of components: the Syncro catalogue features innumerable variants of all kinds and also includes a wide range of dedicated accessories. If you need to turn your van into an efficient mobile workshop, Syncro’s vast range of racking is sure to satisfy your needs whatever your area of business.





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