A Ford Transit with a special racking solution from Syncro

A special racking solution for delivering hair and beauty supplies

Syncro System specialises in creating special racking solutions to satisfy the needs of customers. Special solutions can be defined as racking systems that are so highly personalised that they are really one of a kind. The photos on this page illustrate a Ford Transit fitted out by Syncro System for a business that delivers products to beauty salons, hairdressers and barbers. The racking elements in the van are all standard items from the Syncro catalogue: shelves, drawers and open compartments. What makes this Transit’s racking unique and sets it apart from those of other vans are the details, special touches and custom added to ensure complete satisfaction of the customer’s needs.

Liners in the Transit for hair and beauty supplies

This Ford Transit’s floor is covered by a pre-shaped and pre-drilled plywood liner with a rubber-coated surface that ensures superb grip and drastically reduces the risk of operators slipping inside the van. The walls and the upper sections of the doors are protected by painted steel panels that offer robust anchorage for the racking and accessories and shield the van’s bodywork against dents and perforation.

Customised shelves on the left and right of the Transit

The Syncro racking on the left and right of this Ford Transit consists of:

  • Five floor-level compartments, all with lift-and rotate doors for turning awkward spaces like those around the wheel arches into practical storage
  • open shelves, including “special” creations designed to carry boxes and bottles of different sizes, with transparent front edges to ensure that all products are immediately recognisable
  • metal drawers with automatic retaining mechanisms, non-slip mats and internal dividers

Specially equipped and illuminated shelves for full visibility

What makes the shelves in this van special?

First of all, they are of the open type, with their edges facing up to provide a minimum of support at the front and back. Clear plastic panels have been added, though, to provide additional support at the front without reducing visibility. Raised panels also at the back extend for the full height between one shelf and the next, making it impossible for articles to fall down behind the racking.

And that’s not all, because all shelves apart from the ones at the top are fitted with LED lights to illuminate their contents in the dark. LED roof lights have also been installed to make movement inside the van safer and easier. Some of the shelves on the left are equipped with transparent dividers to create separate compartments for different hairdressing products and accessories and to keep everything tidy and easy to find.

The bulkhead: a complete equipped wall

The bulkhead is fitted with a key-hole type tool rack panel covering three quarters of the van’s height. This type of panel is particularly versatile and can be used with various kinds of hooks and clips to hang all sorts of accessories. The panel is attached to the bulkhead itself at the bottom but is held clear by brackets further up.

Are you in search of a special racking solution?

Maybe your requirements are unique too, and perhaps you already have clear ideas of how to make your working day easier and save time and money in the process. And you probably want to project a more professional image to your own customers as well. If so, just get in touch with your nearest Syncro dealer and explain your ideas to them!

You can find other special racking solutions on this page. For anything else, just ask us in person!





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