A Transit with van racking for photovoltaic systems

Choosing the best layout for your Syncro racking

The photovoltaic system installer’s Ford Transit illustrated on this page has racking along one side only. This is just one of the many choices available to you when you decide how to fit out your van. So how do you decide on a layout? Here are some points to consider.
  • If you need plenty of storage capacity and you use your van mainly as a mobile stores for tools, equipment and spares that are kept permanently in the back → your best bet is to fit both side walls with drawers, shelves, lockers etc., and fit cargo retaining systems on the bulkhead, or perhaps → fit extra racking on the bulkhead.
  • If your van serves mainly as a mobile stores, but you only need part of it to carry your tools and equipment and often have to transport cargo of variable size and shape → your best choice could be to install racking on one side only and fit the other side wall with some of the many cargo retaining accessories found in the Syncro catalogue, adding more on the bulkhead if necessary.
  • If you use your van as your mobile stores and workshop → perhaps the best idea is to keep one of the side walls for storage containers and install a work bench and useful accessories on the other side.
  • If you need to carry lots of small items and a large stock of small and medium size spares → you can equip one wall entirely with pull-out or tilting transparent containers.

This Transit: racking on one side only

The owner of this Transit chose to fit racking on the left side only. The two adjacent columns provide eight shelves with internal dividers and non-slip mats, four metal drawers of two different sizes and a full-length top tray.

The Transit’s case transport compartment

The whole bottom section at the front of the racking system is dedicated to transporting tool cases and component cases. It consists of a floor-level compartment with a bar and strap case retaining system and two open shelves with case adapters. The awkward space over the vehicle’s wheel arch has been turned into a useful floor-level compartment by the addition of a lift-and-rotate door.

Cargo retention and other accessories

The Transit also boasts several useful accessories, including:
  • at the top of the right wall, (otherwise completely empty) a bar with four movable and adjustable hooks that can be used to carry cables, hoses, profiles or virtually any item that comes in long thin packages
  • on the bulkhead, a bar and strap with sliding attachments that can be used to secure large spare parts and equipment of all kinds
  • on the side of the racking at the rear doors, a bar rack and a paper roll holder; along with the handwash kit on the rear door, this completes the Transit’s cleaning and hygiene equipment

Interior liners for the Transit

Protecting the inside of your van is not something of secondary importance, especially when one of the walls is not covered by racking. If the empty wall of this van were not properly lined, it could easily be dented and scratched, leading to costly repairs. The Transit’s floor has therefore been fitted with a painted steel panels. The exposed right wheel arch has a liner made from the same materials as the rest of the interior.
Want to see other racking solutions for the Ford Transit? Look here and follow the links on the left of this page. If you work with photovoltaic systems and are looking for racking ideas, take a look at the examples on this page.





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