Syncro’s open doors event attracts 500 visitors

19 May 2017: The Open Doors event in Via Portile attracted a large number of enthusiastic visitors. San Zeno di Cassola, 23 May 2017. The celebration organised by Francom for Saturday 19 May 2017 was a fantastic success! Around 500 employees, friends, customers and suppliers visited the new HQ during the Open Doors afternoon. Later, 250 guests were invited to the celebratory dinner that brought the day to a close.   These photos illustrate moments from the celebration which began with the Open Doors at 14:00 and finished late in the evening with the presentation of employee awards and the cutting of the celebratory cake.

Bad weather did nothing to dampen people’s enthusiasm at this perfectly organised event. The celebrations for Syncro’s 20th anniversary, and the Open Doors at Francom’s new HQ in San Zeno di Cassola near Vicenza proved a great success and provided a real boost for employees and collaborators preparing to meet the challenges of the future. Nearly 500 people visited the plant and were left free to wander through the stores and production area, to explore shelves of articles from the company’s 280-page catalogue and to admire the advanced technology used to produce Syncro System racking and accessories. "The celebrations went extremely well, in fact even better than expected," stated Luca Comunello, President of the Syncro System Group. "We were particularly pleased to see how many of our employees’ families came to see where their loved ones work. We even received a visit from the Mayor of Cassola, Aldo Maroso, along with a number of councillors, who were eager to get to know Syncro a bit better". On the factory visit, the mayor was accompanied by Giannina Scremin and Giannantonio Stangherlin, the councillors responsible for manufacturing and town planning respectively. The mayor pointed out that " in Cassola, the doors are always open to businesses like this. We know the Comunello family well and we know that Syncro started and grew as a company in San Zeno, and employs a large number of local people. Continuous expansion has led to success in other countries too. This visit has given me the opportunity to see some truly advanced technology, and has proved to me that Syncro knows exactly how to exploit the latest developments". The tours guided by Syncro employees proved particularly popular. Inquisitive visitors were taken to see how an item of Syncro van racking is made, from the moment the raw materials are ordered up to the time the product is assembled and shipped to the end customer. Guests at the event included staff from the San Zeno HQ and from Syncro System’s 9 Italian subsidiaries and dealers as well as representatives from the German subsidiary in Bamberg and the Slovenian subsidiary in Ljubljana. The day also provided an opportunity to remember Francesco Comunello, the founder of Francom. By Monday 22 May, however, Francom was working again and ready to face whatever challenges to organisation and production the future might bring. As Luca Comunello, President of the Syncro Group explained,"We are already thinking about extending the factory building and offices and purchasing new, more advanced machinery. And that’s not all. Among many new products we shall be introducing an innovative solution that dramatically reduces the wind noise generated by roof bars and roof racks. This consists of a special noise-reducing profile for application under the roof rack’s front cross bar. This can slash noise levels by up to 80% when the vehicle is travelling. Customers will also be able to include our new closable shelving in their racking systems. These shelves are fitted with a hinge that allows them to be folded away or opened out to suit cargo requirements. And finally – at least for the now – we shall soon be introducing a new, improved under-floor drawer for pickups".

The Syncro System Group

The Syncro System Group is made up Francom, Syncro System Italy and Syncro System Fahrzeugeinrichtungen. The group boasts a distribution network of 9 dealers in Italy and another 35 around the world. The group has been making van racking systems since 1996 and has fitted out over 70,000 vans, allowing customers to achieve annual savings equivalent to 220 million euros in time and money!
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