Syncro System respects the environment

Syncro System and the environment: renewed commitment

Syncro System’s policy of continuous improvement is also driving progress towards a greener future. The company is implementing a series of projects designed to significantly reduce the environmental impact of its entire supply chain, from design to production, installation and customer service. The new Francom plant in San Zeno di Cassola was constructed to the highest standards of energy saving and incorporates the most efficient forms of building insulation, lighting and interior temperature control. Syncro is committed to other green developments too, like FSC certified paper and a new photovoltaic system for renewable energy. Let’s have a closer look at all the developments listed above.

October 2016: FSC certified paper for Syncro System printed brochures

Even in this era of digital communications, a company that operates all over the world can still help protect the environment by choosing paper from managed forests! Syncro System has decided to use only paper certified by the FSC mark for the printed brochures it sends out to tens of thousands of contacts between exhibition visitors, existing and potential customers and suppliers. The FSC mark guarantees the complete legality and sustainability of the supply chain, from trees to paper plant, and the responsible management of forestry resources.

September 2016: Syncro's photovoltaic field comes on line

A new rooftop photovoltaic system came on line in September 2016 at Syncro’s factory in Via Portile. 556 PV modules of 265 Wp each produce a total of 147 kWp of energy. The new system supplies around 20% of the plant’s total energy needs and makes a significant contribution to reducing dependency on external resources and non-renewable energy!

2014-2016 : New HQ designed to 100% green criteria

Syncro began transferring production, warehousing and shipment to its new factory in Via Portile back in 2014. The move proved of fundamental importance for the company’s logistic efficiency and environmental compatibility. Syncro is also moving rapidly towards a green future in building design by:
  • using the most advanced insulation systems;
  • exploiting natural light during daylight hours in all weather conditions, thanks to north facing shed roofs;
  • installing artificial lighting based almost entirely on LEDs;
  • installing large skylights to exploit the updraught of warm air and ensure effective air exchange in the summer months.
Production technology is green too:
  • Older production lines have been replaced by the latest generation of machines, like a fibre optic laser cutting machine and precision bending machine incorporating energy saving systems capable of cutting consumption by up to one third.
  • Syncro paints contain ZERO solvents and produce ZERO gaseous emissions. No volatile substances are released during the painting process, and powder is 100% recycled and re-used.
  • Painted parts are washed using only water and non-hazardous detergents, and waste water is disposed of according to strict standards.

Van racking components: all recyclable!

Let’s not forget that Syncro System van racking products are 100% recyclable since they are made only from steel, aluminium and plastic. In accordance with legal requirements, plastic parts are also marked to identify the type of material involved, to facilitate separation on disposal!

And for the future...

And it’s not finished yet! Syncro takes continuous improvement seriously and is always raising the bar. Syncro is already planning to introduce innovative energy saving technology to exploit natural resources like geothermal energy. Stay tuned!