How Syncro panelling protected a van

Here’s how steel lining panels can protect your van against serious damage

The van seen in these photos was involved in an incident in which the driver had to perform an emergency stop to avoid a collision. Though the heavy equipment in the back was partly secured by lashing straps, these proved insufficient to hold everything in place. The load therefore slid along the walls when the driver braked hard. Though the lining panels were badly scratched and partly detached in the accident, they fulfilled their purpose admirably, providing 100% effective protection for the van’s bodywork!

Steel lining panels: super-tough, super-recommended

Syncro liners provided maximum protection in this case thanks to the customer’s wise decision, taken in consultation with Syncro’s expert personnel, to fit painted steel panels to both sides of the van. Liners of this type are known for their resistance to impacts and mechanical stresses and are therefore the perfect choice whenever a van is going to be used to carry heavy equipment and materials, especially if no racking is installed. Syncro System is one of only a few companies able to offer this solution, thanks to the advanced laser cutting technology needed to shape panels to fit all makes and models of van.

As you can see from these photos, the steel panelling has done an excellent job in protecting the van’s bodywork against impact damage caused by the load shifting under emergency braking.

Bodywork protection: an investment in safety that saves both time and money

The only work needed after this incident was to remove the damaged panels and replace them with new ones. A quick and economical job!

Thanks to the strength of Syncro System lining panels, the owner of this van saved thousands of euros by avoiding costly bodywork repairs and certainly saved time too as his van was back on the road again after a stoppage of less than one afternoon.

Shifting loads can cause serious bodywork damage!

Driving on public roads demands constant attention: drivers frequently have to brake or steer hard to avoid obstacles or other vehicles. The health and safety of road users obviously takes precedence under circumstances like these, but avoiding damage to your van’s bodywork is important too. Syncro System designs and installs lashing and retaining systems to keep cargo securely in place even in abrupt manoeuvres. If an item of cargo does break loose, however, as a result of inadequate lashing or a collision, lining panels are the only thing that can prevent damage to your van’s bodywork!

Want to see how other Syncro-prepared vans fared in accidents?

This is not the first time we have seen how Syncro System van liners protect vehicles in collisions or extreme manoeuvres. Visit this page to view the results of other collisions and accidents: a Mercedes Vito that hit a tree, an explosion inside a van caused by a defective gas cylinder, and a collision with a train. Even in the worst cases, the presence of Syncro liners and racking helped avoid far more serious damage and keep the cargo securely in place.

The importance of bodywork protection for light goods vehicles

Van liners play a key role in avoiding bodywork damage in the event of load movements or accidents. On top of this, they also:

  • provide secure anchorage for racking and accessories without having to drill holes in the vehicle’s body
  • simplify cleaning of the van’s floor, doors and side walls
  • increase the floor’s resistance to damage and wear by footwear and heavy loads
  • protect the van’s bodywork against oil and liquid spillages from jerry cans and other containers

Syncro System bodywork protection: liners and panelling to suit all needs

Syncro System dealers can supply and fit the entire range of Syncro van liners: floor liners and bulkhead liners in marble-look or rubber-coated plywood or in aluminium tread plate; two-layer floor liners in plywood and aluminium for maximum strength; and lining panels for the walls, doors and roof in steel, aluminium or honeycomb plastic.

99% of Syncro customer protect their vans. What about you?

Ask Syncro System’s experts for a commitment-free consultation. It’s what all our customers have done before choosing to protect – at least partly – their van’s bodywork with Syncro liners.

Tens of thousands of Syncro customers have chosen to fit our galvanised steel lining panels and have never been sorry!





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