New! Syncro System dealer video


The Syncro System Group is made up of parent company Francom S.p.A., based in San Zeno di Cassola in the Veneto region of Italy (who manufacture Syncro brand racking components), Syncro System Italy, based in Trofarello near Turin in the north west of the country and Syncro System Fahrzeugeinrichtungen, in Bamberg, Bavaria, in Germany. To distribute and install its liners, racking and accessories, the Syncro Group uses an extensive network of dealers with nine points of sale in Italy and 35 more in Europe, America and Oceania.  In the following video we asked people from two different Syncro dealerships to explain how working with Syncro System benefits their business and, in particular, how it allows them to satisfy the needs of their customers.  Listen to this interview with Antonello Pidutti from the Furgosystem dealership in Trentino Alto Adige, Italy, and Marco Matevljič from Jernei Korpar s.p., Syncro’s Slovenian dealers

As the video explains, by working to the same corporate rules, dealers all over the world can offer customers the same high standards of service and technical assistance. This way of working is a direct result of the success of the Syncro Group: as demand for racking grew, so did the need to ensure that customers everywhere receive the same professional, effective and rapid service. The way of working chosen by Syncro and its constantly growing sales network has proved both effective and efficient.