A ramp installation in a Doblò

Discover how Syncro System can help you transport machinery more safely

The photos on this page show a Fiat Doblò equipped with a pivot mounted loading ramp. This simple accessory provides a brilliant solution to all the problems described by the customer during his consultations with Syncro System’s technical personnel. The firm that owns this van produces vacuum equipment. Its machines can be either small or large, depending on whether they are destined for domestic use or for catering, bakery, butchery, deli, cheese or food processing businesses. The largest and heaviest, like those for use in food processing, can weigh over 200 kg and are mounted on wheels. A ramp is indispensable to load and unload machines if this size and weight.

Heavy loads? Only Syncro interior liners can save your van’s bodywork

This van is going to be used to carry food processors, heat sealers, vacuum cookers and packers between the company’s factory and the premises of end users. This means continuous loading and unloading operations and inevitable damage to the van’s interior unless proper protection is put in place.

The safest and simplest way to preserve the bodywork of the Fiat Doblò (or any other van) is to install Syncro System van liners.

This Doblò L2H1 was fitted with a plywood floor liner with a marble-look surface. This type of floor liner is extremely impact-resistant not only because of the tough material from which it is made but also for the clever installation techniques adopted by Syncro.

Syncro plywood floor liners: a guarantee for your van

The top surface of the floor liner is finished in an attractive marble-look resin, but the unique structure beneath is complex and designed to withstand impacts and damp without denting and damage.

  • The floor liner is made from 9 plies of birch wood, bonded with phenolic adhesive and compressed to form a single body through which humidity cannot pass.
  • All exposed edges are protected by rust-resistant, non-slip, stainless-steel profiles.
  • The Doblò’s original floor rings remain easily accessible thanks to stainless-steel cups recessed into the floor liner that protect the plywood against accidental liquid spillages.
  • The load applied to the floor liner by heavy cargo and equipment is evenly distributed over the entire floor surface by means of underside spacers that relieve pressure on the ribs of the original floor and prevent sagging over the channels.

The perfect choice of ramp for loading and unloading bulky cargo with a Fiat Doblò L2H1

Syncro System fits WM system ramps to customers’ vans. Syncro System draws on decades of experience to select from the vast WM catalogue exactly the right ramp for the job in hand.

In this case, the chosen ramp is a WM Light model. This extremely versatile ramp from WM is easy to remove and ideal for use with loads of up to 400 kg. It is made entirely from high-grip aluminium and can be customised in dimensions as needed. It can even be removed from the van to allow unrestricted access to the van’s interior. Depending on size, this type of ramp weighs from 35 to 70 kg. Thanks to a pivot mounting kit, the ramp can also be swung outwards through 90°, like an interior door, to permit access to the van with a forklift.

Do you own or are you planning to buy a Doblò L2H1 Syncro has fitted out hundreds of them… you can trust the experts.

If you would like to view other examples of Doblò L2H1 racking systems, you’ve come to the right place! Through its dealers in Italy and in 35 other countries around the world, Syncro System has fitted out hundreds of vans of this model. Start here to see what liners are available for the Doblò, or go straight to the section dedicated to Doblò racking solutions, where you can find examples specific to all variants.

According to a recent survey, Syncro System’s customer satisfaction index is virtually 100%, so we are pretty sure we can find the right solution for your needs too! Call us or contact us using the form below to arrange an obligation-free consultation for your van.





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