A Doblò Fiat for an electrician

Carrying everything you need in a Doblò: Syncro Ultra racking for an electrician

So, you don’t have a big van? No problem! Syncro can find place for everything even in a small vehicle. If you don’t believe us, take a look at this Fiat Doblò we fitted out for an electrician. The installation is constructed from Syncro Ultra components, our new design system that gives customers total flexibility in configuring custom racking solutions. In the Ultra system, racking is no longer dependent on matching up compatible modules: horizontal elements (including drawers, shelves, case retaining systems or vice benches) can be installed at any height and in any combination with any other element. So let’s have a closer look at the racking in this Fiat Doblò.

First of all, the liners

Lining your van is not obligatory but it is highly desirable. Syncro recommends fitting protective floor and bodywork liners to all customers wishing to install a van racking system, for the simple reason that liners protect your van against damage, keep it clean and tidy and provide secure anchorage for the racking itself. In this particular Doblò, the floor is covered with a marble-look plywood floor liner that is wear and humidity resistant thanks to impregnation with phenolic resin. The top sections of the doors and walls are protected by prepainted steel liners.

An “operations centre” on the left wall

The Doblò’s “operations centre” is installed along the left wall. It comprises:
  • One metal drawer and three open shelves that provide storage space for small and medium-size tools and equipment and keep everything securely in place
  • Three case trays, complete with cases for power tools and other such items
  • A pull-out vice bench installed half way up the racking that extends easily to provide a practical and robust surface for minor repairs and adjustments
  • A case retaining shuttle at floor level, ideal for securing cases even of different shape and size
And then, of course, there are accessories like the spray can rack and the extremely popular paper roll holder.

A travelling warehouse on the right

While the left of the van is configured for working, the right side provides storage for everything the electrician needs. A series of transparent tilting containers provides orderly storage for instantly visible spares and components. Syncro containers are made from PMMA, a super-tough plastic that resists UV rays and does not lose its shape.

Safety on the road!

Road safety is one of Syncro’s top priorities, as can be seen from so many important details, like cargo retaining systems (bar and strap systems and cable holders on the walls) and Syncro’s exclusive, automatic drawer locking system. Syncro racking is designed to minimise damage in the event of an accident too. As a number of unfortunate incidents involving customers have demonstrated, most material remains securely in place even in the event of a violent collision! To ensure the security of cargo against intrusion, the van’s doors are fitted with an ergonomically designed Saturn Evo security lock with Defender cylinder.

Roof rack and pipe carrier

The potential of this electrician’s Fiat Doblò has been greatly extended by the installation of a roof rack and pipe carrier. The photo shows the presence of an Ultrasilent profile under the first cross-bar. This special rubber profile minimises the turbulence generated by air passing under the bar, and significantly reduces noise and vibration when the van is travelling.





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