Syncro System fits out a Doblò natural power

Professional liners for a clean and tidy van

Any van benefits from the installation of interior liners:
  • In terms of strength, because liners protect the original bodywork against damage by humidity, wear, dents and scratches
  • In terms of appearance, as lining panels give the interior a more uniform look and make cleaning easier too. Customers perceive a clean, tidy and orderly van as a sign of professionalism in the operator.

Body protection for the Doblò Natural Power

This van has been fitted with protection for the floor, the rear bumper and plastic parts, the side walls, the bulkhead and the wheel arches. The customer chose to line the floor and bulkhead with the same material. Both surfaces are covered in marble-look plywood. This offers the combined benefits of excellent mechanical strength plus quick and easy cleaning. The marble agglomerate surface pattern is extremely effective at hiding dust and machining residues. The same material covers the inward facing sides of the wheel arches, the tops of which are covered by bands of galvanised steel. Rear access to the Doblò has been reinforced with two panels of aluminium tread plate, one on the plastic moulding and one on the rear bumper. The rear edge of the floor liner is protected by a steel profile. The walls and doors are lined at the top using panels of painted steel sheet.

Cargo retaining accessories for the Doblò

The Doblò Natural Power illustrated on this page contains no racking as such but is fitted with various cargo retaining accessories that permit the safe and flexible transport of all kinds of material and equipment.
  • 1. The floor along the left and right side walls is fitted with two milled rails for anchoring cargo. These can be combined with push-fit cargo bars to keep large items of equipment away from the nearby wall, or with hooks and straps to lash virtually any kind of cargo to the floor.
  • 2. Two tensioners with straps are fitted to the left side rail, but can be moved around freely to suit the needs of the user. These tensioners function just like seat belt reels. Each unit contains 1.7 metres of strap that can be released simply by lifting the orange lever. With the strap placed over the cargo to be secured, just engage the hook in the ring and lock the lever to tension the system and obtain totally secure and amazingly versatile anchorage.
  • 3. The rear doors are fitted with two simple tidy nets consisting of a tough plastic frame and an elastic net. These simple accessories are ideal for carrying small tools, note pads, calculators and items like adhesive tape or pots of glue where they are always visible and easily accessible.

Proper lighting for more efficient work

Adequate lighting is essential for doing any job well. Standard van lighting is seldom very effective and is generally insufficient in conditions of poor or no ambient light. That is why this particular Doblò has been fitted with an additional LED ceiling light near the rear door, facing towards the inside of the van body. Thanks to LED technology, this unit provides excellent illumination while consuming very little energy indeed. If you would like to learn more about the many accessories Syncro System can install in your own Fiat Doblò Natural Power, click here: Cargo retaining accessories Cleaning accessories Ventilation accessories Security accessories Lighting accessories Other accessories





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