Two Syncro racking systems for electricians

Syncro van racking solutions: different ideas for the same trade

People working in the same trade inevitably have many needs in common, but everybody has their own special requirements too, in terms of business size, model of van, and the sort of work they carry out most frequently. On this page we can see two different racking systems, both for electricians. One is installed in a Fiat Doblò, the other in a Ford Custom. These, of course, are just two of an infinite range of possible solutions that Syncro can offer if you too work as an electrician!

Interior liners: similar choices for both vehicle owners

Let’s start, as usual, with the first stage in any upfit, in other words the interior liners that you really must install if you want to protect your van against dents, scratches, damp and rust. We can see that our two electricians, owners of a Doblò and a Custom respectively, have made very similar choices when it comes to protecting the interior of their vans. Both vans have been fitted with a birch plywood floor liner with a marble-look finish. The aluminium trim pieces at the doors serve a dual purpose: they reduce the risk of slipping when entering the van from the ground and protect the edges of the plywood against wear. The Doblò has also been equipped with lining panels to protect the upper half of the rear doors.

The left of the electrician’s Fiat Doblò

Syncro has turned this electrician’s Fiat Doblò into a great mobile workshop. The left of the van provides ample storage for tools and equipment, thanks to:

  • a generous floor-level compartment, partly enclosed by a lift-and-rotate door
  • five metal drawers of various widths and heights, all with non-slip mats and space dividers
  • two case trays containing four metal cases for components, spares and tools
  • two shelves, including one at the top, both equipped with a door to fully enclose the space inside
  • two useful accessories: a spray can rack and a silicone cartridge rack with holes for nozzles
  • a practical cleaning accessory: a paper roll holder
  • a cable holder, the only accessory installed on the bulkhead

Plenty of transparent containers in the electrician’s Doblò

The right side of this solution for an electrician’s Doblò features a racking column of reduced depth that leaves plenty of room in the middle of the van and even allows easy access to all the original floor anchor points, which are contained in special metal cups fitted with the floor liner. This racking column consists of a floor-level compartment with a lift-and rotate door, a shelf with lift-up door operated by gas spring arms, and two cabinets of tilting transparent containers.

A Ford Custom with racking for an electrician, by Syncro System

The second of these personal solutions for an electrician is in a Ford Custom. Racking is installed on both sides, and a bar with lashing straps has been fitted on the bulkhead. Unlike the Doblò, the racking in this van is the same depth on both sides. Syncro always lets you choose exactly the right configuration for your daily needs.

Drawers, shelves and a case compartment on the left of the Custom

The racking configuration installed along the left wall of this Custom consists of two floor-level compartments, a case tray, four drawers, two standard shelves and a full-length top tray with rear access. The two floor compartments are equipped to serve two different purposes: the rearmost is enclosed by a lift-and-rotate door while the front one is fitted out as a practical case compartment thanks to a kit comprising a bar, an end plate, and a strap with a sliding fitting.

The right of the Custom: the benefits of a clear view

The racking on the right side of this electrician’s Ford Custom privileges easy access and transparency to ensure that contents are instantly visible and easy to reach at all times. The column starts with a floor-level compartment with a door, over which are two large open shelves with raised rear panels, and eight pull-out transparent containers with internal dividers. The column is topped off by another large shelf.

Syncro accessories for electricians in the Custom

Without accessories, even the best van racking system may not make your daily work as easy as it should be. This, however, need never occur, because the Syncro catalogue contains a vast range of accessories that can be installed on racking side panels or on your van’s doors and walls. This particular Custom has been fitted with:

  • cleaning accessories: a paper roll holder and a handwash kit consisting of a water tank with a tap on the left
  • Cargo retaining accessories: a multi-purpose metal pocket, a small cable holder and a spray can rack on the right side panel, plus a bar with lashing straps and sliding attachments on the bulkhead.

Another feature common to both vans: roof racks

Both our electricians opted to install a roof rack. The photos of the Doblò illustrate this well. The model of van roof rack chosen by both consists of a series of cross bars, a roller at the rear for easy loading and robust side fences to stop material falling off. Both roof racks are latest-generations models, customised by Syncro System to fit the model of van in question. Both also incorporate Syncro’s unique Ultrasilent rubber profile under the frontmost cross bar to minimise noise and vibration when the van is travelling.

Ask your nearest Syncro System dealer for a free quote.

If you are an electrician, you can see other racking solutions for your trade in a Doblò and a Custom.

Search our website for racking solutions in other vans, or contact a dealer for a custom solution and quote for your own van and your own needs!





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