A Custom with an Ultra racking system for an electrician

The electrician-owner of the Ford Custom illustrated on this page asked Syncro System to convert his van into a mobile workshop complete with everything needed to install and service civil and industrial electrical systems, lightning protection systems and door and gate automation systems. The project began with the customer explaining exactly what he needed. Syncro’s technicians then drew up a proposal to turn those needs into a practical racking solution complete with accessories. Once everything was agreed, work began on installing the various components in the van, starting with the interior liners and finishing with the roof rack and pipe carrier.
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  • Liners for the Custom

    Syncro can fit all makes and models of van with interior liners to protect the floor and bodywork against the wear, humidity, scratches and dents that lead to corrosion – the sworn enemy of all van bodywork! Syncro racking technicians always recommend installing protective liners before fitting a racking system. Syncro boasts a vast range of bodywork protection solutions, from simple floor liners to complete systems covering all interior surfaces. In this case, the customer chose a plywood floor liner with a marble-look resin surface, a solution that provides a perfectly flat floor with excellent resistance to heavy loads and to daily wear and tear and also boasts an effective non-slip surface. Look here for other types of interior liner for the Custom.

    Racking on both sides of the Custom

    The Syncro team installed racking on both sides of this Custom. Left side wall Two floor-level compartments can be seen, both with cargo retaining systems. In the compartment over the wheel arch, a bar with a lashing strap is fixed to the side panels in a way that allows all remaining space to be used efficiently. Further up is a series of trays with metal cases. These pull open just like the drawer installed immediately above. Pressing a release button allows both drawers and trays to open, and both elements lock automatically in place when closed again. Shelves and a full-length top tray with a fold-down door at the back provide additional storage space and plenty of versatility. Right side wall This side of the van is equipped with just one column of racking comprising five shelves. Four of these are fitted with adapters and carry a total of 24 separate plastic containers. At the top of the open compartment at floor level, a bar with four movable and adjustable hooks form a particularly flexible storage solution. A small cabinet with four tilting transparent containers is attached to the racking’s forward side panel.

    The bulkhead: an all-purpose wall

    As often happens, the bulkhead of this Custom has been equipped only with cargo retaining systems. This solution is particularly functional as it:
  • leaves more free space in the van than would be available with a third column of racking
  • offers great versatility in securing materials, spares, and equipment of all kinds.
  • This van is fitted with two parallel slider bars. The top bar is equipped with a metal hook and two cable holders while the bottom one is fitted with a lashing strap and sliding fittings.

    Other accessories in the Custom

    No mobile workshop can do without a selection of useful accessories: choosing the right ones is key to ensuring maximum efficiency. The Ford Custom on this page is fitted with: *a handwash kit with holder and plastic can with tap on the left rear door *a super-strong but amazingly compact pull-out vice bench in the left side racking, and a paper roll holder a bit higher up *a bar rack with a strap at the rear of the right-hand racking *a spray can rack at the front of the same racking column

    What about the roof? Space not to be wasted

    Many traders – and electricians are no exception – need to carry long and awkwardly shaped materials and equipment to the work site. And what better way to do so than on the van’s roof? A Syncro roof rack with Ultrasilent profiles turns your van’s roof into secure and easy-to-use cargo space. This electrician’s Custom boasts a roof rack with side fences and rear loading roller and an extremely useful, round section, stainless-steel pipe carrier. If you are looking for ladder racks for the Custom, you’ll find them on this page.





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