Racking for wi-fi and internet technicians

Racking for wi-fi network installers

With the diffusion of high speed wi-fi, many places that previously had no internet connection can now offer inhabitants and visitors excellent web navigation facilities. The equipment necessary for wi-fi data reception and transmission is installed and maintained by specialist companies whose personnel frequently have to use aerial platforms or similar overhead access systems to reach the heights at which work has to be done at their customers’ homes and businesses. If, however, as is the case in many town centres with narrow streets, aerial platforms cannot be used, the technicians have to fall back on basic climbing skills, assisted only by the sort of equipment used by free-climbers! They not infrequently have to scramble up walls to gain access to a roof or other building structures where equipment and antennas need to be installed. This is certainly the experience of the company that requested the van upfit for wi-fi network installers illustrated in the photos below. This particular business has all the necessary permits to work at heights and uses the van shown here to satisfy their customers’ internet connectivity needs. The van has to serve other purposes too, as the same company also works in the field of security and installs fire prevention, remote alarm and anti-intrusion systems as well as radio bridges, copper and fibre optic cables, telephony and telecommunication systems. For their daily operations they use a Ford Transit, a medium size van, equipped with everything necessary to install and repair internet connections and equipment. Let’s have a more detailed look at it.

Interior linings in an internet technician’s van

Any van that is in daily use, in which materials and equipment are loaded and offloaded at regular intervals, is subject to inevitable wear and tear, and has to be protected by efficient interior linings. This particular van used by wi-fi network installers has been fitted with a non-slip floor panel in marine grade, resinated plywood, with protective metal edging at the side and rear doors. The interior side walls and the tops of the doors have been lined with made to measure, pre-drilled aluminium panels. The result offers two key advantages: protection for the walls and floor and a professional look for the van interior. Syncro knows perfectly well that the appearance of a van racking system is extremely important, especially for technicians like data and telecom network installers, of whom customers expect precision and professionalism.

Storage and accessories in a commercial vehicle used to install high speed wi-fi networks

This vehicle has had storage units installed on both walls and on the bulkhead. Care has also been taken to leave enough floor space in the middle of the load compartment to carry bulky items of equipment like satellite dishes and concentrators as well as whatever other materials the van operator needs to take with him. The left side wall has been fitted with a simple storage solution that occupies only half of the available space. The units include a wheel arch cabinet with a door, a set of metal drawers and three shelves, one open, one closed and one with partitions for removable containers. Two cable holders have been fitted to the rear of the cabinets. The bulkhead is fully occupied by a tool case cabinet with a lashing strap, three open shelves and two levels of removable drawers in transparent PMMA, the perfect solution for carrying spare parts and small components so that they can be found at a glance. The racking on the right side wall occupies virtually no space at all. It consists of a small resinated plywood shelf over a simple wheel arch cabinet. This serves to support cargo that can be secured by the two rail and strap lashing systems fitted to the wall above. The top of this wall has been equipped with a series of movable and adjustable hooks. The roof of this wi-fi network installer’s van has been fitted with a roof transport system formed by cargo bars with Syncro’s unique Ultrasilent profile.





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