A Ford Custom with racking for a tv and radio electrician

The owner of the van described on this page is an electrician who runs a TV and radio shop in a small hillside town. He needs to carry out installations and repairs in surrounding villages with the certainty of always having everything to hand, and without having to return to his shop for forgotten items, wasting valuable time and presenting a poor image to his customers. A van like the one shown in these photos is the ideal solution for this kind of requirement. It is a compact Ford Custom with racking on both sides, a large number of containers, plenty of cargo retaining accessories and a practical roof rack too.
  • Are you an electrician, and would this type of racking solution suit your needs? If so, read on ↓
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  • Liners for the Ford Custom

    You really need to get your van lined to protect it against damage. Robust liners also provide secure anchorage for racking. It’s only a small investment but it pays big dividends! Sometimes all that is needed is to protect the floor, as this is the surface most subject to wear and damp and most likely to be scratched or dented by falling tools, equipment or materials. This was the choice made for the Ford Custom seen here: the only protection deemed necessary was a floor liner, in birch plywood with a marble-look surface. For other ideas on how to line your Custom, look here.

    The Custom’s racking system: the left side

    The full-height racking on the left of the van consists of:
  • a floor level compartment with a door and a second compartment with a case retaining system
  • five plain shelves with non-slip mats and space dividers
  • a number of case trays mounted on ball-bearing runners just like drawers, specially shaped to hold cases firmly and securely
  • a set of removable plastic containers at the top
  • The racking on this side is complemented by accessories on the side panel at the back of the van: a spray can rack, a silicone cartridge rack complete with holes for the nozzles and a multi-purpose metal pocket. Three milled profiles with “Airline” holes are fixed vertically to the front of the racking. These serve two purposes: they effectively reinforce the structure and also provide attachment points for cargo retaining hooks and straps.

    The Custom’s racking system: a compact solution on the right

    The solution adopted for the right of the van comprises transparent plastic containers in various sizes, some tilting and others pull-out, but all of limited depth. Because these containers are perfectly transparent, the user can see what is inside without having to open them. This offers important advantages: firstly, there’s no risk of running short of material and secondly there’s no need to waste time searching for what you want! Worth noting is the extra-heavy-duty horizontal profile with Airline holes at the top of the wheel arch compartment and the addition of a cable holder on the side of the racking near the side door.

    Turning the roof into a secure transport space

    The Custom’s roof provides additional cargo space thanks to a Syncro System roof rack with an Ultrasilent vibration-damping profile at the front and a roller at the rear for easy loading. If you are looking for a ladder rack or a pipe carrier, or wish to see other roof transport options, look here.





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