Racking for door and window installers

The installation of doors and windows is an essential phase in the construction or refurbishing of any building, whether residential or industrial. The location of doors and windows not only defines interior space but also establishes the physical difference between indoors and out. The companies specialising in changing locks and installing and servicing doors and windows have to take special care when transporting their products from the warehouse to the place of installation. The materials from which new doors and windows are made can easily be scratched or even broken, reducing functionality and spoiling appearance. Vans used for this purpose (generally large, high roof models) have to be properly equipped to provide:
  • plenty of room for cargo,
  • secure retaining systems for the items carried,
  • easy access to the load compartment from the rear.

Racking for door and window installers: body linings

Carrying large, heavy items can expose the walls and floor of a van to scratches and dents. If a van is used to carry heavy doors and windows, it is therefore of primary importance to line its floor and walls with protective panels. For the floor of the Fiat Ducato shown on this page, Syncro System used a panel of resinated plywood, cut to size for the model in question and installed by Syncro’s own technicians. As lining for the side walls and doors, the customer chose honeycomb plastic panels. In addition to lining bodywork and protecting it against the risk of damage, these panels also provide the ideal vertical surface for fixing racking and cabinets.

Racking for door and window installers: storage

Storage was installed only on the left side wall of this van. It consists of two adjacent stacks of open shelf cabinets and provides ample space for the tools and assorted hardware needed for installation work. In addition to the shelves, the racking also includes two metal drawers, the perfect solution for storing objects that must not be tossed around. There is also a tool-case cabinet with lashing strap at floor level. This is the ideal space for transporting the tool cases and component cases that have to accompany installers on site along with the doors and windows themselves. The top of the storage is completed with a full length tray for long items of material. The rear of the cabinets is equipped with a number of van accessories including a metal container, a silicone tube holder, a paper roll holder and a first aid kit. The right side wall is equipped only with a tool clip strip. The bulkhead too has been left free apart from a cargo rail. The right wheel arch has been enclosed in a steel and plywood cabinet. The key feature of the racking in this van for door and window installers is its cargo bars.

Racking for carrying doors and windows: the perfect solution based in cargo bars

In addition to their outer frames and structures, wood, metal and PVC windows and doors comprise one or more sheets of glass which obviously need special care during transport to avoid cracking or even shattering. The cargo bars in this racking system for doors and windows provide the perfect solution to this problem. These bars have ends milled to engage the fixing rails installed on the roof, floor and side walls, and can be used to divide the load compartment into separate, secure, vertical and horizontal sections. The narrow edges of the bars are covered with an impact-resistant rubber profile to eliminate the risk of scratching in the event of contact.





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