Van equipment Syncro for plumbers

Syncro System can transform plumbers’ vans into orderly and well organised mobile workshops. Custom units and accessories are available for commercial vehicles of all makes and models

If you think that plumbers only fix bathroom taps, unblock drains and mend leaking pipes, you are wrong! Today, with the advent of new, high technology heating and air conditioning systems, the jobs facing the plumber have increased dramatically in scope and number. In addition to installing and repairing water pipes, sanitary ware, taps and connections to water supplies and sewers, the modern plumber also has to deal with underfloor and conventional central heating systems and install or repair boilers. The plumber is the tradesman most often on the move, as he is always working in other people’s boiler rooms, utility rooms and bathrooms. His job is constantly taking him to customers’ homes or new-build construction sites, so he needs a van to get around and to carry all the tools and materials for his installations and repairs. It’s easy to see how beneficial an optimised and well organised van load compartment can be for the modern plumber. Customised cabinets and storage units can be fitted for stowing fittings, wrenches, grips, water fittings and silicon guns; a work bench can be installed for small jobs and repairs; and strong straps can be provided to stop equipment sliding about during transport and bumping into the cabinets or the van body. Syncro System can give the plumber all this and more. Syncro System has been producing and installing upfits and accessories for all makes, models and sizes of van for nearly twenty years. From 1996 to the present day, our technicians have upfitted hundreds of plumbers’ vans, so we know all about the professional needs of the modern plumber. On top of this, our upfits can be configured from a wide range of storage units and accessories to create dedicated, customised solutions.

Syncro System’s installation centres offer custom solutions for all makes and models of van.

Syncro System upfit units are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes and can be assembled in any number of ways. And if your needs change in the course of time, it’s an easy job to swap one module for another. The possibilities are endless! Whether your van is large or small, Syncro installers can create a genuine mobile plumber’s workshop for you. As with every upfit, the first job Syncro System does is to line the van interior using steel, aluminium or polypropylene panels to protect the side walls, bulkhead and rear doors, and robust floor panels and wheel arch units to reinforce and protect the original floor. Syncro System linings not only extend the life of your van’s body but create a strong base for the upfit as such. And our upfits are always configured to your own specifications in order to give you the orderly storage, safety, and freedom of movement you need to work more efficiently. A plumber needs plenty of compartments and containers for storing components, cases or removable boxes for storing tools, and lashing systems for anchoring materials (pipes, sanitary ware, washbasins, waste pipes, etc.) during transport. He also needs a work bench and a vice support for shaping pipes and soldering joins.

Example: a Fiat Ducato becomes a mobile plumbing workshop

The plumber’s Ducato illustrated in the photos above was given a classic but extremely functional upfit. Units were installed along both sides. On the left, we can see two compositions with wheel arch cabinets at the bottom (one closed by a metal door and the other open and fitted with cargo lashing straps). Over these cabinets are a series of drawer units and two shelving units, the topmost of which houses a row of removable polypropylene containers. A paper roll holder has also been fitted to the cabinets’ outside wall. On the right side, the upfit consists of a closed wheel arch cabinet, two drawer units, a level of shelving, a removable vice support and even a stowable worktop. The bulkhead has been equipped with an aluminium cargo bar with multi-purpose hooks, perfect for securing loading ramps, panels, pipes and ladders.

And on the roof …

Even the van roof can be pressed into service as a load-carrying surface for long items like ladders or corrugated pipe rolls. Syncro System installation centres in Italy, Europe and around the world can fit your van with safe and robust roof racks, box racks and ladder holders, all made from aerodynamically profiled bar to reduce drag and eliminate vibration and wind noise during transport.





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