Racking for coffee machine technicians

Behind that delicious cup of coffee in your favourite coffee bar lies a long supply chain in which tradition, experience, good manufacturing practices and technology all combine to deliver the end result. To get that full aroma, great flavour and much appreciated restorative effect, the first thing you need is a top quality blend of beans, roasted in just the right way. Next, of course, you need a coffee machine capable of enhancing the characteristics of that blend and guaranteeing a constant level of performance from morning till night. That is why coffee bean roasting companies generally also install and service their own coffee machines in the hotels, restaurant and catering businesses that make the Ho.Re.Ca. sector. To perform effectively without spoiling the flavour, coffee machines need to be operated correctly, rinsed out frequently, and regularly serviced too. This is where the coffee machine technician comes into the story. His job is to visit potential customers at their premises, first to offer advice, then to deliver and install new coffees machine and train staff how to operate them properly. Last but not least, he also has to return at regular intervals for servicing and to repair any faults that might occur. To satisfy these needs, Syncro System can fit out vans with custom-built racking for servicing coffee machines, complete with everything needed to transform the basic van into a real workshop, store and office on wheels. The photos on this page illustrate the example of a Transit Custom L2H2 fitted out by Syncro System for a coffee roasting company that uses it for all visits to customers, before and after sales.

A van with racking for a coffee machine service: interior linings

What’s the point of lining a van’s interior? To protect it against impacts for a start, but also to give it a more professional look, to make it more practical in everyday use, and to make the load compartment easier to clean – an aspect that is of particular importance when the vehicle is used to carry food products. This particular coffee machine service van has been fitted with a resinated plywood floor that forms a perfectly flat supporting surface. This floor panel is water resistant and easy to wash, and also has holes for access to the van’s original anchor points. This allows lashing straps to be used to secure bulky goods and equipment. (These straps are available from the Syncro System catalogue and are designed for full compatibility with standard anchor rings.) The bulkhead has also been lined with a resinated plywood panel.

Syncro System storage modules in a commercial vehicle used to service coffee machines in catering businesses

This particular coffee machine service van has had storage systems installed along both side walls. Let’s have a closer look at the modules the customer chose to support the technicians whose job it is to service coffee machines. The racking on the left side wall starts with a wheel arch cabinet, left open apart from a simple low level panel. This provides useful space for carrying bulky items material and equipment without them sliding around the floor when the van is on the road. Next up come two drawer units with a total of six metal drawers, each with its own anti-slip mat, metal dividers and automatic locking button. Further up again we have two shelves, again with anti-slip mats and metal dividers to create separate compartments. The left side racking is completed by a full length tray at the top. The right side wall features an identical open wheel arch cabinet at the bottom. On top of this, however, we find three open shelves with dividers, one level of removable plastic containers and, at the top, a row of tilting and removable transparent plastic containers – the perfect choice for high level storage as they allow users to see exactly what is inside. The right side configuration is completed by a vice on a pull-out support for small servicing and repair jobs at customers’ premises.





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