Racking for cold room technicians

Efficient food preservation is essential for caterers, retailers of fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and dairy products and all businesses that have to store products at specific temperatures above or below zero to stop them deteriorating and to guarantee safety and hygiene for the consumer. Restaurants and catering firms, fishmongers and butchers, ice-cream parlours and greengrocers share the same need to store their raw materials, semi-finished and finished products in cold rooms because conventional refrigerators are never large enough. Cold rooms are room-size enclosures, complete with shelves, hooks or cabinets for storage. They are insulated with special materials and floored with footwear-resistant surfaces. The temperature inside is kept constant by a suitable refrigeration system. The installation of cold rooms, their structures, insulating panels and refrigeration systems is the job of specialist firms. Installers obviously have to work at their customers’ own premises, and therefore need to carry with them all the tools and equipment needed to install, repair and service cold rooms. The photos on this page show storage for cold room technicians installed in a Fiat Ducato by Syncro System, the specialist in customised van racking systems.

A Fiat Ducato van with a Syncro System upfit for cold room technicians: internal linings

Proper protection for the inside of the load compartment is essential for vans used by cold room technicians. In this case, on top of the conventional purpose of protecting the floor, walls and doors over time, the van body lining also has to ensure maximum hygiene for tools and materials that will be used in applications in contact with food. These considerations are behind the choice of aluminium treadplate as a floor covering. Aluminium treadplate shows up traces of dirt clearly and can be washed easily to ensure cleanliness. The side walls and doors are lined with painted sheet metal panels. The overall effect is bright and functional and clearly reflects the need for tidiness and cleanliness that characterises this particular installation.

A commercial vehicles used to service cold rooms: a simple but functional racking system

In this upfit for cold room technicians, storage has been installed along both sides of the van but still leaves plenty of space for carrying cargo, materials and replacement panels near the bulkhead and in the centre of the floor. Storage units have been arranged as follows. The left side wall has been fitted with two sets of cabinets, both standing on wheel arch units, one with a door and one open. Above these are metal drawer units and a shelving unit. The top is occupied by a tray that is open at the rear, a perfect solution for carrying long items like tubes and electric cable channels. The right side wall has been fitted with a single set of cabinets. This starts with a closed wheel arch unit at floor level and also includes metal drawer units, complete with anti-slip mats and metal dividers. At the top are two units of tilting and removable drawers. The transparent plastic material used allows contents to be identified instantly without having to open the drawers first. This simple upfit focuses on functionality and hygiene, but also includes a number of practical accessories, including a paper roll holder (indispensable in all vans) and a silicone tube rack. Even the roof on this van for cold room technicians can be exploited for transport, thanks to a roof rack comprising Syncro’s patented, low drag, Ultrasilent roof bars that minimise wind noise and vibration on the move.





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