A Crafter with van equipmentfor servicing cranes

Vans can be equipped with an almost infinite variety of Syncro racking solutions. Everything depends on the size of the van, the customer’s needs and budget. But the ambition of the Syncro team is always the same: to satisfy the customer as thoroughly as possible by installing a fully personalised racking system. The Crafter seen on this page is owned by a company that provides technical assistance for large construction machines like cranes. This kind of work is done almost exclusively on site, so the van needs to carry a complete set of spares along with lots of tools and small parts, and must also provide a dedicated space for making minor repairs and adjustments.
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  • Liners to protect the Crafter

    Getting protective liners installed in your Crafter extends its life: covering all the surfaces subject to wear and impact with tough lining panels prevents the dents and scratches that can otherwise cause your vehicle to deteriorate – sometimes beyond repair. Liners boost your van’s resale value too. In this particular Crafter for servicing cranes and other large construction machines, the floor is protected by a birch plywood floor liner with a marble-look surface and protective metal edges at all the doors. The same material covers the bottom half of the bulkhead. The walls and doors are covered in steel panels. If you want to see other lining solutions for the Crafter, consult this page.

    A mobile workshop on the left of the Crafter

    Everything the customer needs is there… practical, functional and in very little space: that is what the Syncro System team has achieved with this particular Crafter racking solution. The racking is concentrated along the left side of the van and includes a work space and an efficient storage section. Let’s take a closer look. Storage is provided by:
  • Six metal drawers with non-slip mats and space dividers. Some of these are located beneath the work bench while others are found in the first column of racking to the right.
  • A lockable locker: fully personalised inside, this is the perfect place to keep valuable materials away from prying eyes. The lockable handle provides an added deterrent!
  • A set of removable plastic containers arranged on two shelves at the top. A quick way to store and find all your spare parts.
  • A shelf of Euronorm containers.
  • Various shelves fitted with doors at the front to increase useful storage space and stop items falling out when the van is moving.
  • A full-length top tray.
  • A useful case compartment with a lashing strap: indispensable for securing a large number of tool or component cases quickly and easily.
  • The work space comprises:
  • a plywood work bench
  • a tool rack panel installed directly over the work bench
  • a pull-out vice bench
  • a set of power sockets accessible directly from the work bench
  • Accessories for greater functionality

    Thanks to the Syncro Ultra racking system, accessories can be installed virtually anywhere in the van: on the doors or walls using the liners, or on the sides of the racking where pre-formed holes make installing and moving accessories easy. This van is fitted with essential cleaning accessories including a paper roll holder, a soap dispenser, a handwash kit, along with other accessories like a spray can rack and two bars with traps and sliding attachments. If you are looking for accessories but have not seen what you want on this page, you can find more here: retaining accessories ventilation accessories cleaning accessories security accessories lighting accessories
    You can find all our accessories at any Syncro racking centre and have them installed in any make and model of van!





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