Racking for industrial door technicians

A customised mobile workshop for technicians installing and repairing industrial doors

Just like other professionals, technicians installing and servicing industrial doors and gates can customise their vans exactly as they want. Syncro System, the leader in storage systems and work benches for commercial vehicles, offers industrial door installation and service companies a great opportunity to equip their vans with custom-made storage units and accessories. Even whole fleets can be catered for in the case of larger operators. Properly equipped vans are essential in order to service industrial accesses like gantry doors, roller doors, fire doors, clean room doors, cold room doors, vehicle wash doors and even composting plant doors.e.

The benefits of a van equipped with Syncro System storage

Syncro has been fitting out vans for twenty years and can convert and customise all makes and models to meet users’ needs in next to no time. Thanks to a system of modular units, Syncro can design and fit a vast range of storage solutions to meet widely differing customer needs. Vans can be equipped with cabinets, shelves, drawers and cupboards, all tailored to the model in question. Upfits can also be completed with dedicated accessories and equipment to exploit available space in the most rational and efficient manner and to store tools, materials and equipment in perfect order. Needless to say, this results in significant time savings and greater productivity. With a van kitted out as a professional mobile workshop at their disposal, technicians installing, commissioning and servicing doors to factories and offices and glass and metal accesses to production areas can work far more efficiently, without having to waste time hunting for parts or tools scattered over the floor. A well organised, well lit van can offer all the convenience of a company workshop!

This example: a van upfit for industrial door technicians

All the storage modules and workshop accessories available from Syncro System installation centres are made in Italy by Francom S.p.A., the mother company of the Syncro Group. All items are made for installation in commercial vehicles and use lightweight but tough and long-lasting materials. The photos above illustrate a van fitted out for industrial door installation and service technicians. The van’s two side walls have been equipped with storage cabinets while the bulkhead has been fitted with a bar and strap lashing system for securing bulky materials, equipment and cargo. As with all Syncro System upfits, this project began with the installation of robust linings to consolidate the van’s walls and floor. The walls were lined with painted metal panels to protect the bodywork against scratches, dents and other damage and to provide an even surface for fixing the storage modules. The floor – the part most at risk of damage – was covered with a robust panel of marine grade plywood with a non-slip surface. Once the load compartment was properly lined, Syncro’s installers set about fitting the storage and accessories. Various storage modules were installed along the left side wall. The bottom level consists of two wheel arch cabinets (one with a door and one open) for transporting all kinds of materials and equipment. Above these are cabinets for tool and component cases, two shelves and a lockable cupboard for documents, brochures, laptops and other costly items. The right side wall was fitted with only one stack of cabinets, starting once again with a closed wheel arch unit. Above this are two units of spacious metal drawers, followed by two cabinets of transparent plastic drawers for small items that are always needed in a hurry. The racking is topped off with a long shelf. The bulkhead features a "Barall" aluminium cargo bar and a set of lashing straps, a practical solution for securing bulky equipment, machines and materials when the van is on the road. Last but not least, this mobile workshop is equipped with a vice support that folds away to occupy very little space but can be extended when needed to provide a practical work bench, complete with vice.

Custom solutions for all needs

The Syncro System configuration we have just seen is only one of an almost infinite range of possibilities for fitting out any model of van. Syncro’s vast product range combined with clever, modular design, lets you customise your van in exactly the way you need. To find out more, get in touch with your nearest Syncro System installation centre.





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