A Ducato with racking for refrigeration technicians

If we had to list the essential characteristics of all van racking projects, we would only need to include a few items: 
  • 1. Protection
  • 2. Functionality
  • 3. Safety
  • 4. Durability
These four basic features summarise exactly what Syncro Ultra racking has to offer, and the van described on this page is a perfect example. The vehicle is a Fiat Ducato L2H3 fitted with Syncro System’s Ultra racking. It is owned by a company that installs, services and repairs industrial refrigeration systems.

Complete interior lining to keep the Ducato in perfect condition

Robust bodywork and floor liners are essential to protect the interior of any van. The inside of the cargo compartment is the weakest link in all commercial vehicle designs but also the area most subject to stress and damage in daily use.  The owners of this van opted for almost total protection: 

What does a refrigeration technician need?

Thanks to extremely flexible, modular design, Ultra racking provides the perfect answer to the needs of all customers. The operators of this van need to carry around lots of small/medium size items, including tools and spare parts, along with larger objects that are too bulky to stow away in drawers or on shelves.  So, let’s have a closer look at how this customer’s needs have been satisfied.

The Ducato’s left side wall: simple but functional 

The left side wall is fitted with a classic choice in van racking: shelves. These are positioned in a way that permits a wide range of uses. They are also fitted with non-slip mats to stop items sliding around and can be divided into smaller compartments using metal space dividers. The decision to fit full-height racking in this Ducato has made it possible to fit a total of ten shelves, six open and four fully enclosed. The rear of the racking on this side is fitted with three accessories: a first aid kit, a paper roll holder and an aluminium bar for use with sliding fittings and straps to secure cargo.  The front floor-level compartment features a case transport system comprising a bar and straps with a ratchet tensioner.

The Ducato’s right side wall 

The racking on the right side wall consists of 14 metal drawers arranged in two columns, plus a shelf with a door higher up. A top shelf and a partly enclosed floor-level compartment allow the customer to make full use of all available space. A pull-out vice bench complete with metal vice is accessible at the rear of the racking. The bench pulls out in just a few seconds and provides a robust work surface for repairs and adjustments.  The rear of the right-side racking is also fitted with four spray can racks. The user can move these around as needed thanks to the equal spacing of the holes in Ultra side panels.

Cargo retaining accessories: bulkhead 

The bulkhead is equipped with two bars for sliding fittings, installed at different heights, both parallel to the floor. With the addition of the right straps and fittings, these bars allow the customer to secure all kinds of cargo for transport.

The Ducato’s “special” equipment

The customer also wanted: 
  • A writing board in one of the drawers: a clever solution for supporting a laptop computer or writing pad, the board also lifts up to provide access to the drawer itself. 
  • Drawers for carrying sundries and small parts, complete with modular plastic containers.
  • Two bars with plastic tool clips on the rear doors, an excellent way to keep small tools where they are always to hand.
  • Two cable holders, installed at the top of the rear doors. 

Ventilation for 100% safety 

Finally, we come to a small detail that is essential to the safety of anybody working inside this van. As can be seen from one of the photos, a vent, complete with grille, has been installed in the Ducato’s floor. This ensures a correct exchange of air in the back of the van and protects users against the risk of explosion and fire if gas cylinders are being transported - a daily occurrence when refrigeration systems have to be serviced and repaired! 
You can find other examples of racking systems for refrigeration technicians here (Renault Master), here (another Fiat Ducato) and here (Mercedes Sprinter).





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