A Master for a refrigeration service

A fully equipped mobile workshop in a Renault Master

The photo gallery on this page presents a Renault Master with Syncro System racking for a company that specialises in the nstallation and maintenance of commercial and industrial refrigeration systems. This is what the company asked for:
  • 1. Bodywork protection against dents, scratches and humidity
  • 2. Open and closed containers for keeping all kinds of material in perfect order
  • 3. An effective interior ventilation system, since the van is used to transport cylinders of refrigerant gasses
  • 4. The ability to carry equipment on the roof in a safe and legal manner.

All-round protection for the Master

The first job the Syncro System team did was fit the Master’s floor, walls and doors with robust liners to protect the body and extend the vehicle’s useful life. In particular, the floor and the bulkhead behind the cab were covered with a marble-look plywood liner. The walls and doors were then lined with honeycomb plastic panels. All these liners come cut to size for this model of van and fixing holes too are pre-drilled, ensuring ultra-rapid installation.

Shelving and drawers to keep everything in order

Racking has been installed along both side walls. The main features include:
  • Metal drawers. Made from high-strength steel, these can be fully opened thanks to telescopic, ball-bearing runners. Inside, the drawers are fitted with non-slip mats and metal space dividers. An automatic, double-acting retaining system keeps contents safe and tidy at all times.
  • Open shelves. These feature a special trapezoid shape, low at the front for easy access and raised at the rear to stop material falling down between the racking and the side wall. Just like the drawers, these shelves too are fitted with non-slip mats and aluminium space dividers held in place by rattle-proof plastic clips.

Top tray: practical storage for long objects

The top tray is a special, rectangular-section shelf with a fold-down door at the rear. Its shape and size make it ideal for carrying long items like pipes and cable ducts.

A range of accessories for servicing refrigeration systems

The Syncro System racking in this Renault Master is made even more efficient by the presence of the following carefully selected accessories: Bar rack, fire extinguisher holder and paper roll holder. A milled rail for use with hooks and straps, designed to secure bulky items of cargo to the front of the racking. A metal rail on the van’s bulkhead, designed for use with movable and adjustable hooks, but also compatible with straps and similar cargo retaining accessories. LED lights for effective illumination of the van’s interior, with significantly less energy consumption than conventional alternatives.

The safe transport of flammable gasses

Effective ventilation of the van interior is essential when hazardous substances are carried, and the gasses used by refrigeration systems certainly fall into this category. In a closed space like a van, even small leaks can quickly saturate the air, endangering the health and safety of those on board. To ensure a continuous exchange of air and avoid this kind of risk, the Master has been fitted with two ventilation grilles, the first at the bottom of one of the rear doors and the other at the top of the side door.

A super-silent roof rack

The two cross bars fitted to the roof of this Master provide a simple but highly effective way to carry extra cargo. As the photos show, the front cross-bar is fitted with Syncro’s patented Ultrasilent noise-reducing profile. This unique profile optimises the cross-bar’s aerodynamics, dramatically reducing noise and vibration when the van is travelling.





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