A custom racking solution in a Master used for transporting games

A Renault Master for a games firm, with a flexible use of space by Syncro System

Every customer is unique as far as Syncro System is concerned. We always listen carefully to your needs and requests before transforming them into practical ways to improve the efficiency of your van – whether you use it for work or leisure. The result is guaranteed to save you both time and money.

The photos on this page show a Renault Master L2H2 with a sliding side door. The vehicle is operated by a business that sells and hires indoor and outdoor game like table football and ping pong tables and pinball machines. Given the large size of the equipment that has to be carried, the user needs to manage space in the van’s cargo compartment as flexibly as possible but still needs storage for all the spare parts and tools needed for on-site repairs and maintenance.

A highly effective lining system for the Master

All van racking installations should begin in the same way – by fitting proper bodywork protection. Syncro System has been making and installing van racking since 1996 and knows how important it is to fit good quality liners. That’s why we offer a wide choice of liner materials, each with its own advantages for the job in hand.

The Master in these photos is equipped with a plywood floor liner with a marble-look surface. Syncro’s plywood liners are the only ones on the market that provide a completely flat, stable and walkable floor thanks to the measures adopted during installation to compensate for the ridges and troughs in your van’s original floor panels. At the doors, Syncro floor liners are fitted with steel profiles that protect the edges of the plywood against impact and humidity. They also incorporate recessed steel cups that permit easy access to the original anchor rings. For the walls, the owner of this van chose painted steel panelling. This is the toughest type of wall panelling in the Syncro catalogue and is easily able to withstand impact from shifting cargo under harsh braking conditions or in an accident.

The left of the Master: from flat wall to complete shelving system in only a few seconds

The left of the Master is fitted with two fold-away shelves, an Syncro solution that permits a totally flexible use of space. The two shelves pivot on Syncro’s exclusive, patented lift-and-rotate hinges that are attached to the upright pillars at either side. The shelf body is made from steel and plywood and is attached to a strong steel wire that holds it in open position.

On the underside, each shelf is fitted with a section of milled rail with Airline holes. Another section of rail is fixed to the back of the pillars. All kinds of cargo can be held securely in place using hooks and straps attached to these rails. Bear in mind that each shelf is fully independent so that any combination can be opened or closed as required at any time. The left side of this Master can therefore be configured to suit the needs of each journey in only a few seconds.

Syncro Ultra configurable shelves on the right

The right side of the Master (where the sliding door is located) is occupied by a column of five configurable shelves, each with a raised back panel, a non-slip mat and provision for the addition of metal dividers to create separate sections. The addition of a bottom panel at the front of the floor-level compartment has created a useful storage space around the wheel arch.

The racking is attached to the steel lining panels by means of a patented Syncro mechanism that eliminates all direct metal-to-metal contact, dissipates vibration energy and dramatically reduces component wear.

Freedom to change, thanks to Syncro System

The design of Syncro Ultra racking makes it easy to change configurations at any time. If large accessories or additional racking components have to be added, Syncro System installation centres will be happy to oblige. If all that is needed is to add an accessory to one of the racking side panels, you can do this yourself in next to no time!

The Master seen here is equipped only with LED ceiling lights for improved interior illumination, but the Syncro catalogue contains 36,000 products, including a wide range of cleaning, cargo retaining, ventilation, and even van security accessories too.

Create the space you need and work more efficiently. Ask Syncro for a consultation now!

Every day you continue working from a cluttered and untidy van, you probably waste 30 minutes hunting for materials and spares or driving home to get something. And that’s without considering the wasted fuel, the items you end up buying twice and the bad impression made on customers.

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