A Renault Master for installing renewable energy systems

A complete racking system in a Master used for renewable energy systems

The van illustrated in the photos above is a Renault Master owned by a company that installs and services systems for producing energy from renewable sources, especially photovoltaic and solar heating systems. The Master has a very generous cargo compartment, and Syncro has cleverly exploited it by fitting compact containers, choosing the right module heights and adding suitable accessories.

The Renault Master’s lining system: all-round protection

The owners of this Master chose to protect the interior of the van with an almost complete set of liners. Marble-look plywood was selected as the ideal material for the floor liner and the specially shaped bulkhead liners, while aluminium was considered best for the wall and door panels. All the liners in this van come specially pre-shaped and pre-drilled for it.

Plenty of storage for spares and sundries in the Master

The left side of the Master for installing renewable energy systems is designed primarily as storage.

  • Near the rear doors is a column containing a total of 35 easily removable, shallow tilting transparent containers, made up of 15 large ones with internal partitions and 20 smaller ones at the top. The transparent material from which these containers are made lets you identify contents and quantities easily, without having to open them. This means less time wasted searching and no risk of running out of vital components.
  • Further into the van, the racking consists of a floor-level compartment with a front bottom panel, 10 metal drawers with automatic retaining mechanisms and non-slip mats, two configurable shelves and one open shelf with adapters for nine removable containers in blue plastic.
  • The racking is topped off by a full-length shelf with an access door at the rear.

Special racking complements in the system installers’ Master

The right side of this Master is fitted out to provide even more storage. There are three configurable shelves, a full-length top shelf, 18 transparent pull-out containers in two different sizes, a floor-level compartment with a lift-up door and a locker for vans. The locker is great for keeping clothes, footwear and other personal items belonging to the van’s installation team. Inside, it is completely modular and fully customisable in the choice of horizontal elements. It even has a sturdy lock to keep contents safe. The racking on this side of the van also incorporates a pull-out vice bench with a metal vice. When not in use, the bench occupies very little space, with only the vice protruding near the rear doors. A simple release mechanism allows the bench to be pulled out to form a robust and stable work surface for minor repairs and adjustments.

The Master’s accessories: Syncro at the service of functionality

Adding the right accessories to a mobile workshop helps operators work far more efficiently. In this Master we have:

  • a handwash kit on the left rear door, for washing hands or rinsing tools and equipment if there is no tap nearby;
  • as is often the case in vans fitted out by Syncro, the handwash kit is complemented by a paper roll holder, located over the right-side racking in this case;
  • a fire extinguisher bracket of the same width as the cabinet it is fixed to is located at the base of the left-side racking where it is readily accessible – an important consideration whenever safety is concerned;
  • a bar rack with lashing strap is installed near the van’s side door to secure long, pointed tools, reducing the risk of injury to the van’s operators and damage to the bodywork;
  • cable holders are located at the top of the bulkhead to carry cables and hoses in an orderly manner;
  • a rail with strap at the bottom of the bulkhead allows large, heavy items of equipment to be held securely in place.

Do you want to transform your own Master into the perfect van for your business?

No commercial vehicle is perfect for the job when you buy it. It may have plenty of potential, but it needs to be customised to suit your trade and the transport requirements associated with working on the move. If you already own or intend to buy a Master, you can find other racking solutions for it on this page.

Syncro System has also installed racking for renewable energy businesses in a Talento, an Iveco Daily, and a Ducato, so take a look at these too before you ask us to quote for a fully customised racking solution for your own van!





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