Racking for a renewable energy company

The customer that commissioned Syncro System to design and install the racking system seen in this Fiat Talento is a consortium of Veneto municipal councils that manages the local water and electrical energy supply. A few years ago the consortium formed a company to work in the field of renewable energy, using innovative technology to exploit natural resources. Their Talento is fitted with custom racking for installing, servicing and repairing “clean” energy systems. The customer’s Talento, a medium size van with a practical cargo space, was first fitted with protective liners then with racking and accessories on both side walls, the bulkhead and the rear doors.

Van body liners

If you use your van every day of the week, and for hours on end, loading and unloading equipment from the back and climbing in and out to do so, it is obvious that the bodywork will be subject to a great deal of wear. Many different factors can lead to damage: operators’ footwear, heavy loads falling over, humidity etc.. To avoid dents and scratches and, in the worst-case scenario, rust and holes, Syncro System shields the interior of the cargo compartment with liners capable of providing effective, long term protection. In the Fiat Talento illustrated in these photos, the floor is covered with a marble-look birch plywood liner. The same material is also applied to the bulkhead to reinforce it and permit the installation of cargo retaining systems at two levels. The tops of the rear doors have likewise been reinforced with painted steel panels to permit the installation of accessories.

A green energy company’s Talento: smart exploitation of space

Left side wall On this side, Syncro has installed two columns of the same height. The first starts, at floor level, with a wheel arch cabinet with a front door – a smart way of exploiting an otherwise awkwardly shaped space. Above this are a shelf of removable plastic containers, three metal drawers and an open shelf. The second column starts with an open storage space at floor level, and provides another five metal drawers and an open shelf identical to that alongside. The left side racking is topped by a full-length tray with a folding door at the rear, the perfect solution for carrying long items like pipes and cable channels inside the van. Right side wall The racking on the right of the van starts with a closed wheel arch cabinet, and provides three drawers, two open shelves and two modules not found in the left racking. These are a locker with lockable doors, ideal for storing the clothes and footwear needed for work, and a case tray. The tray functions just like a drawer: it can be pulled out to remove the case for work and replace it when the job is done. Bulkhead Apart from accessories, the bulkhead is fitted with just one module at the top, a cabinet of tilting and removable transparent plastic containers.

Accessories and cargo retaining systems in the Talento

Let’s move on now to take a look at the various accessories installed in this renewable energy company’s Fiat Talento:
  • Pull-out vice bench. Sandwiched between modules in the right side racking, this easily extracted bench comes complete with a metal vice.
  • Fire extinguisher bracket. Fixed to the back of the left side racking, this provides a secure way to carry a fire extinguisher – an essential piece of equipment for the operators.
  • Spray can rack and cable holder. Both these accessories are fixed to the left rear door.
  • Fold-away table. Mounted on a metal frame and comprising a marble-look plywood work top, this practical table can be accessed from the van’s side door.
  • Rail, hook and strap cargo retaining system. Fitted at the bottom of the bulkhead, for securing boxes and other bulky items of cargo.
  • Cargo retaining system with rail and adjustable brackets. Installed parallel to and above the previous cargo retaining system. The brackets can be used individually or in pairs, depending on the length of the load.





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