Yet another Talento racking system for a plumbing business

A mobile workshop in a plumber’s Fiat Talento

Syncro System’s expert racking installers have transformed this Fiat Talento L1H1 into a great mobile workshop containing everything its owner needs to maximise efficiency and professionalism when installing, servicing and repairing central heating and plumbing systems.

The racking is concentrated along the left side. The right of the van is equipped only with a shallow cabinet of transparent containers. The bulkhead behind the cab is completely free. As happens in nearly all cases, the van’s interior was protected with custom-made liners before the racking itself was installed.

Interior liners for the Fiat Talento: requested by 99% of van users

Using a van with no interior protection is a very bad idea: it is essential to protect the original bodywork before subjecting your van to intensive daily use. There are very good reasons for installing proper liners:

  • they prevent damage to the floor, doors and walls if tools or materials accidentally fall of slide around
  • they protect the van’s interior against humidity and therefore rust
  • they provide a rigid surface for anchoring racking and accessories and avoid having to drill the van’s original bodywork

The floor of this Fiat Talento is covered by a plywood floor liner with a rubber-coated surface – unbeatable for strength and grip! The wheel arch on the right is covered in by a combination of rubber-coated plywood and aluminium, a solution strong enough to support even heavy loads without damage. The Syncro catalogue offers a wide range of bodywork protection for van floors, doors, walls, wheel arches, roofs and bulkheads, in steel, aluminium chequer plate and honeycomb plastic.

The racking on the left of the Fiat Talento

Nearly all the racking in this Talento is concentrated on the left wall, which is occupied almost entirely. The section at floor level is divided into two compartments, with the forward compartment housing a shuttle-type case transport system. A pull-out bench with a metal vice is sandwiched between two of the horizontal racking elements and extends towards the rear of the van. Also included in the racking are:

The shallow cabinet on the right of the Talento

Syncro System racking installers know how to exploit 100% of the space in your van. Thanks to nearly thirty years of experience, Syncro has been able to develop and patent unique and superbly functional racking solutions, including the one seen on this side wall. It consists of cabinets of Syncro’s exclusive tilting transparent containers arranged to follow the contour of the Talento’s body. The use of cabinets of different depth means that the front remains perfectly flat, optimising space and material. The remainder of this wall has been left free to permit bulky objects to be transported with ease.

The Talento’s accessories: everything in order, everything in the right place

Keeping everything tidy inside your van saves an incredible amount of time – and time is money, as we all know. In fact, we have calculated that a Syncro racking solution can save you 16,500 euros over five years, meaning that the racking will have more than paid for itself. And by helping you become more efficient and professional, and finish your jobs faster, it also improves the satisfaction and fidelity of your customers.

Accessories are key to keeping things tidy inside your van, and there are a number of them in this Fiat Talento:

The Talento’s roof rack

Objects too large to fit conveniently inside your van can be carried on the roof thanks to the roof transport systems designed by Syncro System, all of which incorporate an exclusive Ultrasilent rubber profile to minimise noise and vibration on the road. This plumber’s Fiat Talento is equipped with three aluminium cross bars with anti-scratch rubber profiles on top and stainless-steel brackets.

Looking for a racking solution for your own Fiat Talento?

Syncro System has installed thousands of racking solutions for heating engineers and plumbers. If you want to see some examples, start looking here. If you want to see what we can do for the Fiat Talento, we have an entire section dedicated to this model of van. Scroll through the menu on the left of this page to select what you want.

Call us today to talk to one of our van racking experts. We offer no-obligation advice on how to transform your van!





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