A Fiat Talento for a traffic control business

A Fiat Talento with Syncro racking for servicing road safety systems

The company that requested this racking system installs and services traffic control and safety systems. The van, a Fiat Talento, has been transformed into a mobile workshop by installing an underfloor storage system as well as above-floor racking and accessories. Every little detail is designed to meet the needs of the user. In fact, all Syncro racking solutions are fully personalised and made to match the customer’s requests.

The Fiat Talento’s liners

The commercial vehicle in these photos was first fitted with bodywork liners to protect its interior against dents, scratches and damp, which inevitably lead to rust if not treated immediately. The walkable raised floor over the underfloor storage is in plywood with a marble-look surface. The panels that follow the contour of the bulkhead are made from the same material. The tops of the rear doors are protected by painted steel panels.

The Fiat Talento’s underfloor storage system

The Talento is a medium size van and, like all vans of these dimensions, greatly benefits from the installation of a new-generation underfloor drawer system to provide ample storage space under the load floor. A strong steel frame contains the underfloor drawers and supports the raised floor, which has the same load capacity as the original floor beneath. This particular configuration consists of two units at the rear: a 120 cm long metal drawer on the right, complete with non-slip mat, and an aluminium shelf on the left for carrying a step ladder where it is easy to access and remove. The system also includes a second drawer at the van’s side door, this time of 135 cm in length, extending for the full width of the van. This drawer is complemented by an open compartment with marble-look plywood walls to either side.

The racking on the left of the Talento

This Talento for servicing traffic control systems also has racking installed on the raised floor. In particular, on the left we have:

  • a large floor-level compartment with a lift-up door and a second, smaller, open compartment alongside
  • another tall compartment at the bulkhead, some two-thirds of the height of the racking, for carrying road signs (which are held securely against the bulkhead by a bar and strap lashing systems)
  • three shelves enclosed by top-pivot doors
  • one partially enclosed shelf with a lift-and-rotate door
  • a pull-out tray with two Galaxy plastic cases
  • a full-length top tray accessible only from inside the van

Clear plastic containers on the right of the Talento

The right of the van is fitted with 324 mm tilting transparent container cabinets. These are the largest cabinets of this type on the market, and feature top quality materials and a smart Syncro design that ensures both capacity and strength. The containers themselves are made from PMMA, the material from which aircraft windows are made. PMMA is extremely strong and resistant to pressure, temperature and solar radiation.

These containers, like those in the slightly smaller cabinet on top, can all be fitted with internal space dividers to keep different items separate.

The Fiat Talento’s accessories

The functionality of this Talento has been increased by a range of accessories:

  • a paper roll holder, a tub of dry wipes, and a handwash kit with water tank, tap and soap dispenser for cleaning
  • a first aid case for health and safety
  • a fire extinguisher holder and metal bars with hooks and straps for securing cargo on the bulkhead

Want to transform your own Talento into a great mobile workshop?

If you drive a Fiat Talento, maybe the photos on this page will provide you with some good ideas. Alternatively, you can browse a large number of other Talento racking solutions starting on this page.

If you work with traffic control and road safety systems, take a look at another two vans that Syncro has fitted out for this same purpose: Trafic - Connect

In any case, get in touch now for no-obligation advice and a proposal for a fully customised racking solution from our experts!





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