Renault Trafic for servicing traffic control systems

The photos on this page illustrate a Renault Trafic L2H2 with racking and accessories for a company that installs and maintains traffic lights, traffic control systems and safety cameras. This model of Trafic has generous, tall cargo compartment. These characteristics have been exploited to the full by a racking system that occupies the entire left side of the van, lengthwise and in height. The racking is complemented by useful cargo retaining accessories on the right side wall and bulkhead. If you like the way this Trafic has been fitted out, carry on reading. If you would like to see other Trafic vans with Syncro Ultra racking, start looking here. Or look here for another racking solution for the same purpose, this time in a Ford Connect.

Liners in the Trafic for servicing traffic lights

This Renault Trafic has liners fitted only on the floor and bulkhead. The floor liner and the bulkhead liner are both in plywood with a marble-look surface. The amount of interior protection needed obviously depends on the work the van is used for. A floor liner is the minimum indispensable, as the floor is constantly subjected to wear and damage by cargo being dragged around or accidentally falling over. Take a look at this page to see other lining solutions for the Trafic.

The racking on the left of the Trafic

The racking is concentrated on the left side of this Trafic for maintaining traffic control systems. The system consists of:
  • a floor-level compartment with a door
  • a floor-level case compartment with a bar and strap, sliding fittings and an end plate for supporting the tool cases
  • two metal drawers with non-slip mats and internal space dividers /li>
  • various shelves, one open and others with doors
  • a case tray with two cases in clear plastic
  • a wall cabinet with tilting transparent containers
  • a full-length top tray for long objects
  • Doors play an important part in this racking system as they transform the open shelves into closed compartments, increasing storage space and improving safety by stopping material falling out when the van is travelling. Three different types of door are used in this system: 1. lift-up doors that open upwards and come to rest parallel with the front of the racking (fitted to the bottom left compartment and over the case compartment) 2. top-pivot doors that open upwards on gas springs, coming to rest at an oblique angle to the racking (fitted to the two shelves at the top of the column nearest the bulkhead) 3. lift-and-rotate doors that open downwards on special lift-and-rotate hinges and come to rest in line with the shelf to which they are fitted (the grey door in the photos).

    Cargo retaining accessories and container cabinets on the right of the Trafic

    The right side of this Trafic is almost entirely free from racking in order to have as much room as possible in the centre of the van to load equipment and materials. A simple frame with a bar and strap and sliding fittings holds a ladder securely while allowing easy access and movement. A cable holder on the wall of the van helps keep things tidy, while wall-mounted cabinets of tilting transparent containers provide easy to see storage for small spares and fasteners.

    Cargo retaining systems on the bulkhead

    The bulkhead liner has been fitted with two parallel bars with straps and sliding fittings. This super-versatile system can be used to secure bulky items of cargo at any time, but takes up virtually no space when not in use.

    The Trafic’s accessories

    This Trafic is equipped with a series of accessories for cleaning and safety. The side of the racking at the rear doors is fitted with a Scrubs wipes holder, a paper roll holder and a first aid kit. A fire extinguisher holder is installed in the gap between the racking and the rear doors. The right rear door carries a handwash kit with a water bottle and tap and a soap holder with dispenser.
    Don’t wait! Ask your nearest Syncro dealer now for an obligation-free project and quote. A Syncro Ultra racking expert will be happy to design a racking solution that suits your own van and your own needs!





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