Racking for carwash technicians

The modern carwash is designed to make light work of washing cars, vans and even trucks, both outside and inside. Especially when a vehicle travels high mileages and carries goods and materials, the interior inevitably becomes dirty and the exterior, which is exposed to the weather, gets covered in mud, earth, sand and whatever other forms of dirt lie on the road surface. Carwashes apply detergent to vehicle exteriors using electrically powered rotating brushes, rinse off all the dirt and soap with powerful jets of clean water and even dry the vehicle using fans installed at the end of the tunnel. The interiors, of course, require the attention of the carwash staff, but all the necessary equipment is on hand in the form of vacuum cleaners, air compressors and sprayers, to clean seats, floors and carpets. Carwash systems and accessories require regular maintenance, and service technicians are always on the move between one plant and the next to carry out inspections and repairs, and to ensure that everything works perfectly during all the phases of washing and drying. Maintenance personnel also have to respond to emergency call-outs if a carwash breaks down. This page shows how one Syncro installation centre fitted out a van for a carwash maintenance company. Let’s have a closer look to see how this particular vehicle was converted into a mobile workshop for servicing carwash systems. .

A carwash maintenance van: the requirements

As the customer explained, to be effective or servicing carwashes, a van needs to satisfy a number of basic requirements. In particular:
  • it needs to have plenty of storage for tools, materials and spare parts;
  • it needs to prevent cargo and materials from sliding around on the journey to the carwash;
  • it needs an inverter for testing machines and operating power tools;
  • it needs to be easy to clean at the end the job;
  • it needs a non-slip floor, since almost all the servicing work is performed in damp environments or in the presence of water and detergents.

A van upfit for carwash service technicians: interior linings

Proper protection for the interior floor and walls is an essential aspect of any professional van upfit. Effective linings greatly extend a van’s working life by protecting its walls, doors and floor. They also provide a smooth, rigid surface for anchoring racking and cabinets and make the interior easier to clean. In this particular case, to satisfy the need expressed by the last point in the above list, the floor is covered by a damp-resistant plywood panel coated with a special non-slip resin. The edges of this panel are reinforced by non-slip metal trim at the doors to make access to the load compartment even safer for operators.

Van storage for a carwash maintenance company: details of the interior

The left wall of this carwash maintenance van is fitted with two columns of storage that stand on two wheel arch cabinets, one with a door and the other with hooks and straps for securing tool cases and other heavy and bulky items. Above these cabinets are various shelving units, some open, others closed, and a metal drawer unit. The space between the inside wall of the cabinets and the bulkhead houses a powerful 2 kW inverter. The racking on the right side wall also stands on a wheel arch cabinet with a front door. The units on this side include a series of metal drawers with automatic locking handles, a unit of shelving with removable plastic containers and two other shelves. The bulkhead is fitted with a cargo lashing system consisting of a metal bar, adjustable straps and hooks. A Multibox unit with transparent drawers has been installed at the top of the bulkhead. The van also features a number of accessories that greatly enhance its functionality. These include a paper roll holder and a rack for pressure lances on the rear panel of the left cabinets. The rear of the right side cabinets has been used to fit a fold-way stand complete with metal vice. The wall next to the side door is equipped with a fire extinguisher support bracket and a mobile LED lamp, while a power socket has been provided over the door itself.





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