Upfitting a van for a cleaning company

Shelving for the orderly storage of detergents and cleaning products, extra-long shelves for brushes and mops, containers for dust pans, sponges and cloths, and hooks and straps for the safe transport of pressure washers, wet and dry vacuum cleaners and floor scrubber-dryers. Who said that vans equipped like mobile offices are only for electricians, plumbers and technicians? A tidy load compartment, upfitted with custom-made equipment, containers, cargo bars and dedicated accessories offers incalculable advantages. It saves time and cost and boosts productivity for professionals who need to move from one job to another, perhaps many times a day, and carry with them all the materials and equipment they need for their work. Ask anybody who works in the field of industrial cleaning and needs to load and unload brushes, machines and detergents in and out of their van every day. Many cleaning businesses have already chosen to upfit their vans with Syncro System products. Syncro System of San Zeno di Cassola in Italy has been producing and installing upfits, equipment and accessories for commercial vehicles of all makes and models for nearly twenty years. Equally importantly, Syncro System has the know-how to design custom solutions for specific customer needs. And Syncro System customers include not only installers, salesmen, technicians, service engineers, carpenters and mechanics, but providers of cleaning services for offices, factories, public buildings and private homes.

A modular upfitting system to guarantee flexible customisation

Syncro System's highly successful upfitting system is based on modular units and components that can be combined, interchanged and assembled in different combinations and dimensions to match available space in all models of van. The system permits the creation of a vast range of upfits to suit trade-specific and even personal requirements. Syncro System technicians at installation centres in Italy, Europe and other countries around the world can design personalised upfits to satisfy customers’ specific professional needs. This means our specialist installers can easily upfit any model of vehicle with shelving, drawer units, worktops and accessories for stowing detergents, brushes, scrubber-dryers, ladders and electrical cable extensions.

Example: A Ford Custom upfitted for a cleaning company

Any commercial vehicle can benefit from a Syncro System upfit. The image gallery above contains photos of a Ford Custom upfitted for a cleaning enterprise. This, however, is just one example of how the products in the Syncro range can be used to optimise and organise space in a van operated by a professional cleaning business. In this case, as always, the upfit began with the consolidation of the load compartment interior. Pre-painted sheet metal panels were applied to the sides and rear doors to protect them against scratches and dents, while a marine grade plywood panel was laid over the floor to reinforce it. The installation team then went on to install the upfit as such inside the load compartment, using just one side of the van in order to leave ample floor space for cleaning materials and equipment. On the left we can see an upfit comprising two wheel arch units (one closed with a metal door and one open), a unit of large metal drawers and various shelves, some arranged with removable plastic containers. The right wall is completely free to permit the easy loading of large machines like scrubber-dryers and pressure washers.

The van roof

Even professional cleaners may need to make use of their van’s roof space to transport extending ladders, hoses and other items of bulky equipment. For this purpose, Syncro System offer a range of strong, robust ladder holders, universal racks and carriers. All these products feature a special “Ultrasilent” aerodynamic profile to reduce air resistance, noise and vibration while the vehicle is moving.





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