Van racking Syncro for fuel dispenser

Like all service-oriented businesses that operate high-tech plant, filling stations, or “petrol stations” as they are commonly known in the UK, need qualified technicians to perform the regular inspections that guarantee continuous efficiency and safety for users and operators. Whether a filling station is run by a small, independent company or is a nationwide retail chain, the dispensers will need scheduled maintenance and occasional repairs. These jobs have to be carried out by specialist technicians employed by the fuel company or by an independent service company. Fuel dispenser technicians need a van specially equipped for the purpose. In many cases this is one of a fleet of vehicles ready to set off at any time in response to calls for service or repairs from filling station operators. To be effective, the van must be able to carry all the tools, equipment, spare parts and accessories needed to service fuel dispensing pumps quickly, effectively and efficiently. With this in mind, storage in fuel dispenser servicing vans needs to be designed and made in the most rational way possible. For a breakdown or fault to be repaired quickly, the technician needs to be able to find everything he needs instantly, and be sure that everything in the van is kept in perfect condition. Let’s have a look at a practical example: a Fiat Doblò fitted out for a fuel dispenser servicing company.

A racking system for fuel dispenser service technicians installed in a small van

The photos above illustrate a solution installed in a Doblò, a small van in the Fiat Professional range. The Doblò is renowned for its compact overall dimensions and generous load compartment, ideal for conversion into a small mobile workshop. Any company specialising in servicing filling stations and providing all the inspections and maintenance needed to certify the correct functioning of dispensers and payment systems has multiple needs.
  • 1. The need to pack all necessary equipment and materials into a small, manageable van to service petrol and diesel pumps even in logistically difficult locations like remote hillside villages and city centres.
  • 2. The need for a large number of separate but easily identifiable drawers and containers to carry components, spare parts and precision tools in a safe and orderly manner.
  • 3. The need to load and unload tool cases of various sizes quickly and easily.
  • 4. The need for enough free space in the middle of the load compartment to allow operators to move around easily and, when needed, carry bulky items of equipment.
  • Here are the solutions proposed by Syncro System for this particular fuel dispenser servicing van. The storage units on the left start with an open tool case cabinet, complete with ratchet action shuttle clamp. Above this, storage is provided partly by a unit of large shelves and partly by a four element drawer unit. Above this again are another two levels of shelves. The rear of the cabinets is fitted with an aerosol holder for carrying paint spray cans for finishing and touch-up operations. The bulkhead is fitted with a cargo lashing system in the form of a metal rail with straps and hooks. This versatile accessory can secure all sorts of objects, including large cylinders, during transport. The racking on the right of the Doblò starts with a wheel arch unit partly closed by a door. Above this is a Multibox drawer unit with a generous number of transparent containers of different sizes, all removable and some tilting for easy access. PMMA, the top quality material Syncro System uses to make its transparent drawers, offers numerous stylistic and practical benefits, and guarantees an extended working life. PMMA is the same tough, long-lasting material used to make windows for aeroplanes and submarines.





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