Van equipment Syncro for tv antenna and tv systems

The majority of users of converted commercial vans are tradesmen in a array of sectors that work on site – whether it be on building or construction sites, or in homes, offices or apartments. Within this macro group, are technicians expert in installation and repair of antenna and TV systems . As imagined, they are often working on roof placings or checking antennae.   Without a doubt, contractors who work with television antennae and systems need a work vehicle – usually compact, but well-equipped with everything necessary to mount, service, or repair  antennae, decoders, cables, electrical outlets and distributors or any work related to TV and antennae systems.   Syncro System offers conversion solutions ideal for television and antenna installers . One example of just such a conversion can be seen on this page in this compact Ford Connect, custom converted for TV and antenna servicing. Taking a detailed look, we see one of our most requested products - greatly appreciated for the time-saving transparency of its drawers!

Connect Conversion solution for antenna installers

The first step of the conversion for antenna installers – carried out in one of our specialized Syncro centers-- was to put down the resin-coated, non-slip, wooden floor panel. A perfect place to start when safety is a key concern, something always important to antenna installers. In fact, thanks to its non-slip surface, as well as its non-slip steel borders, it protects workers from common accidents on the van, due to wet, oily or dirty floors that can easily cause slipping while moving about in the van.   The Connect in these photos was equipped with racking components on both sides of the van cargo space. The bulkhead has been equipped to transport large and/or bulky items, thanks to a blocking system using a track, straps and clasps.   Left-hand side racking solution A wheel arch frame, complete with a straps and clasps, turns the area around the wheel well into valuable storage space for larger items. Moving upward along the racking solution, we come across two open shelves with rubber mats. Above these, at the top, we mounted the Multibox drawer unit with 16 clear plastic drawers, optimal for organizing, storing and quickly retrieving lots of different small parts and fittings. Next to it, but facing toward the back doors, is another unit with 10 forward-tilting, extractable clear plastic drawers.   Right-hand side The racking components on this side, were chosen for taking up minimal cargo space, and they extend upward rather than outward. There are 18 individual storage compartments, with the drawers made of the same durable see-through plastic. Getting back to safety, within the larger drawers, you can find the helmets and harnesses necessary for working on roofs!

Plastic portable organizer case for antenna and TV systems installers

On the floor, you can see one the crown jewels of the Syncro System catalog – we're talking about the Galaxy – a case made entirely of plastic with internal plastic mix&match mini bins that come in different sizes and colors, to custom arrange your Galaxy. The Galaxy also has a clear plastic lid, so all contents can be immediately identified without having to open the case. It is also equipped with a solid convenient handle for carrying it on site. Finally, the Galaxy can be easily stacked or set upright.

The roof: valuable storage space

On any van, but especially a smaller sized van like the Connect, the rooftop space becomes valuable for transporting larger and bulkier equipment such as ladders, antennae, and pipes, Take a look at our Syncro System rooftop solution with roof rack, tube carrier, and custom tailored ladder rack.





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