A Ford Connect for a radio system installer

Only got a small van? Don’t worry. You can still have a great racking system! Thanks to Syncro Ultra racking, there’s really no such thing as “too small”: the system’s amazing flexibility means that racking can be tailored to suit any make and model of van and offer the ultimate in functionality. The van illustrated on this page is a Ford Connect L2 with a racking system for a radio system installer. It’s a great example of how side walls can be equipped in different ways to maximise available storage space while leaving plenty of room for cargo. All the storage elements and accessories are concentrated on the left wall, while the right is virtually free, apart from two cabinets of shallow transparent containers. The van’s bulkhead is equipped with a shelf and a cargo retaining system.
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    Customised liners for the Connect

    The Syncro team protected this Connect with a floor liner in resin-coated birch plywood. This type of floor liner is made by gluing and pressing together 9 veneers of dried birch wood using a water-repellent phenolic adhesive to form a particularly wear resistant and damp-proof material. Syncro System also supplies plywood floor liners with a rubber-coated surface, aluminium floor liners and two-layer plywood and aluminium liners. Two-layer floor liners are the perfect solution if you need a super-strong floor for carrying particularly bulky and heavy objects. Look here for other Connect lining solutions.

    Fully customisable racking thanks to Syncro Ultra

    On the left of this Connect, you can see a great example of how the Ultra racking system lets you choose a 100% personal solution. Starting from the bottom, we have a compartment for carrying tool and component cases, with a strap-type retaining system. Alongside this are two storage compartments with lift-and-rotate doors, with a pull-out vice bench installed between them. The upper part of the racking consists of a series of case trays, a metal drawer and another compartment with a door. A full-length tray completes the configuration at the top. The side of the racking at the rear doors is fitted with two useful accessories: a silicone cartridge rack at the bottom and a paper roll holder at the top. Thanks to equally spaced holes in all Ultra side panels, accessories can be installed at whatever height you wish. You can even move your accessories whenever you need, simply by unscrewing them and fixing them to a different set of holes. There’s no need for drilling! Note the aluminium chequer plate panel that protects the side of the racking against impacts when the vice bench is being slid in and out. (The vice was not installed when these photos were taken!)

    A space-saving solution

    The racking solution on the right of the Connect does not protrude at all into the middle of the van. How is this possible? Thanks to ultra-shallow cabinets of tilting transparent plastic containers and a bar and strap retaining system with sliding attachments at the bottom of the wall. The bulkhead boasts a similar solution. Here too, the only item of racking – a single shelf – is located at the top. The bottom of the bulkhead is equipped with a second bar with strap and sliding fittings. Bar and strap systems are ideal for securing loads of different size and shape so that they do not slide around when the van is moving or break free and strike the bodywork, causing dents or even holes. Do you need a roof rack for your Connect? If so, look here for inspiration.





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