A Transit Jumbo for a road maintenance company

The van presented on this page is one of the largest light commercials on the market: a Ford Transit Jumbo, 6.70 metres long and 2.78 metres high, with an impressive cargo compartment to match. These generous dimensions give the Transit Jumbo plenty of space in which to install all kinds of racking system. This particular van is owned by a firm that provides assistance for road construction and demolition operations. The company operates a large fleet of vehicles, including vans equipped to service and repair operating machines on site.

A Transit Jumbo used to assist operating machines: requirements

Given the logistic and operating conditions in which this Transit will be used, its upfit had to satisfy the following requirements:
  • the floor liner had to be easy to clean and particularly strong to withstand the loading and unloading of heavy materials, equipment and spares;
  • the racking had to provide a large number of compartments for storing and carrying consumables, tools and sundries in an orderly, secure and immediately accessible manner;
  • the upfit had to include all the systems and equipment needed to guarantee full autonomy on site;
  • a large fuel tank was needed to refuel operating equipment on site.

Extra protection for the Transit Jumbo

Extra-strong, easy to clean liners are essential for a large van like this, especially when used in the field of road construction. In this case:

The Transit Jumbo’s left side racking

The racking on the left of the van consists of two sizes of metal drawers and a good number of open shelves, also of different sizes but all with non-slip mats and internal space dividers. Three compartments have been created at floor level. The first has a fold-down door for unrestricted access; the second serves as a tool case compartment; the third is occupied by the end of the fuel tank that extends across the bulkhead. This racking occupies about two thirds of the left side wall. The rearmost section has been left free, apart from a slider bar with movable and adjustable hooks at the top. An inverter inside the front side panel is connected to the van’s battery.

The right of the Transit: generator and compressor

On the right of the van, the Syncro team constructed an extremely strong aluminium frame to hold a generator at the bottom and a 330 l/min oilless compressor at the top. The compressor is installed on its side to take up less height. A cable reel is provided near the right rear door. A slider bar runs the full length of the van’s right wall, at the top, and carries a set of movable and adjustable hooks.

The bulkhead: fuel tank and cleaning accessories

Across the bottom of the bulkhead, the Syncro team installed a large tank for the fuel the van operators supply. Because refuelling can be a dirty job, a handwash kit with plastic water tank and paper roll holder is provided nearby. Both these items, which come from the cleaning accessories section of the Syncro catalogue, are fixed to the bulkhead by two sections of slider bar arranged in parallel.

Other accessories… for a super-functional van

The special features of this van racking system include:

  • A series of bars with straps and hooks on the roof, for securing bulky items of cargo in different positions
  • Saturn security locks on the doors, for deterring theft from the vehicle, now that it has acquired far greater value thanks to the installation of Syncro System liners, racking and accessories.





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