VW Caddy racking for electricians

This page illustrates two separate racking solutions for the same model of van, the Volkswagen Caddy. While both solutions are designed specifically for electricians, the two users have quite different needs. The two vans share the same lining solution. Both owners only needed protection for the floor and chose a plywood floor liner with a marble-look surface. This type of liner forms a perfectly flat and uniform walkable floor and protects the original floor panels against impact and humidity. It also makes the work of cleaning and disinfecting the floor a whole lot easier. Now let’s move on to look at the two racking solutions in detail.

The first example: racking on only one side of the Caddy

In this Caddy, normal depth racking has been installed just on the left side, leaving the rest of the cargo compartment completely free. This solution was chosen because the van’s user needs to carry quite bulky materials and equipment in the van and still have enough room to move around. The racking consists of:
  • two floor-level compartments, one over the wheel arch with a lashing strap and hooks and the other immediately alongside, open apart from a front profile at floor level
  • four metal drawers arranged in pairs of the same size, all with non-slip mats and internal space dividers
  • two simple shelves, the first with a back panel that raises the height of the rear to 180 mm to stop material falling down behind
  • The second example: racking on both sides of the Caddy

    Racking has been installed along both sides of this van and the bulkhead has been fitted with a bar and strap cargo retaining system with sliding fittings. Even with racking on both sides, however, there is still plenty of room in the middle of the van thanks to the choice of compact elements. On the left of the van we can see:
  • a floor-level compartment with a lift-and-rotate door that extends for the full length of the racking and transforms the awkward area around the wheel arch into practical and secure storage space;
  • a shelf with a non-slip mat, also running for the full length of the racking;
  • Two rows of tilting transparent containers, large at the bottom and smaller at the top, installed in cabinets that are offset at the rear to follow the contours of the van’s body while keeping the front vertical and free from protruding parts.
  • The racking the right consists of:
  • a second floor-level compartment with a lift-and-rotate door;
  • four rows of pull-out transparent containers;
  • a paper roll holder on the side panel near the rear doors. This and other accessories can be installed wherever it is most convenient and, if necessary, moved easily to any other position thanks to the presence of equally spaced holes on all Ultra system side panels.
  • The different solutions chosen for these two vans clearly show the versatility of the Syncro Ultra racking system and how it can satisfy even widely differing needs. Thanks to Syncro Ultra, your needs and preferences can be transformed into reality more easily than ever. Want to see other racking solutions for the Caddy? Start on this page. If you are looking for racking solutions for electricians in other makes and models of van, just key in “electrician” in the search field and choose the van you are interested in to see the pages dedicated to it! Don’t wait! Ask us now to prepare a no-obligation project and quote for turning your own van into a great mobile workshop!





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