Upfit Syncro System for catering kitchen

Van upfit for catering kitchen technicians

An efficient kitchen is essential in the catering business: it really is the beating heart of any hotel, restaurant, pub or pizzeria. Chefs and pastry cooks can only exploit their skills to the full if all the equipment in their kitchen is up to the task and fully functional. Essential items of kitchen equipment include ovens, refrigerators, blast chillers, fryers, grills, hobs and pasta cookers as well as pans and utensils of all sorts. The specialist companies that supply commercial kitchen equipment use advanced technology to satisfy the needs of traditional cooking, and can provide customers with solutions for every need in the field of catering. Catering kitchen suppliers assist their customers not only in the purchase itself but above all in the design of the kitchen, its installation, its commissioning and its subsequent servicing. All these jobs have to be done in the kitchen itself. A van specially upfitted for installing and servicing commercial kitchens is therefore essential to get technicians to customers’ premises in order to discuss requirements, finalise designs, install ovens and hobs and provide assistance in the event of a fault or problem. To be of real use in the installation and maintenance of catering kitchen equipment, a commercial vehicle upfit needs to satisfy a number of fundamental requirements:
  • It must be compact enough to leave plenty of space for carrying spare parts and replacement equipment.
  • It must provide plenty of open and closed storage for tools and materials.
  • It must allow even large items of equipment and material to be lashed in place in a quick and secure manner.
  • Let’s have a look at how Syncro System managed to satisfy all three of these criteria in the upfit for catering kitchen technicians illustrated below.

    Upfit for a van used to install, commission and service catering kitchens: internal lining

    Like any other van, one used by commercial kitchen equipment technicians needs adequate linings to protect its walls and floor against scratches, dents and humidity, and to minimise the risk of corrosion. In this case, the floor has been protected by a resinated plywood panel. This provides a level surface and reduces the risk of slipping as well as protecting the original van floor against damage. The side walls are covered in pre-painted sheet metal panels, cut to size especially for this model of van.

    Upfit for a van used to transport catering equipment and spare parts: details of the interior

    To satisfy the first of the requirements listed above, this van for professional kitchen service technicians has been equipped on just the left side. This leaves the middle and right side of the load compartment free for carrying spares or even new items of kitchen equipment like hobs, sinks and the like. Let’s have a closer look at the upfit itself. Two units have been installed side by side. The one nearest the rear door is supported by a wheel arch cover with bottom side panel, and provides two levels of open shelving with anti-slip mats and internal dividers. At the top is a series of removable containers for small spares and items of hardware, designed to provide orderly storage and allow everything to be found quickly when needed. The unit installed against the bulkhead wall has an open wheel arch cover at the bottom equipped with a simple lashing system in the form of straps and hooks. Above this are another three sets of shelves, identical to those in the first unit.





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