A Fiat Ducato for an antenna installer

This Fiat Ducato was fitted out for a technician who installs and repairs aerials, alarm and video surveillance systems. Having been thoroughly lined to withstand wear and to resist damage by cargo or tools sliding around, the van was fitted with a simple but efficient racking system. Syncro System always aims to help customers: 
  • save time and money 
  • work more efficiently 
  • make a more professional impression
  • concentrate their energies on their work.

Complete protection

It’s essential to line your van if you want to protect its bodywork for years to come, but the choice of liners is always yours. After listening to the advice offered by our installers, you can decide whether to line just the surfaces most exposed to damage or fit a complete cargo compartment lining system.  The lining system in this Ducato is almost complete, and includes:  The walls and roof of the van are the only surfaces left unprotected.

Racking on both sides of the Ducato

The racking system occupies both side walls of the van and is arranged as follows:  Left side. The racking on this side consists of two pairs of side panels and a series of shelves, almost all of the configurable type, with back panels, non-slip mats and internal dividers. One shelf is of the open type, with a panel added in front. The floor-level compartment over the wheel arch is fitted with a front panel at the bottom to enclose the space inside. The other compartment is equipped with a hook and strap retaining system and is intended to transport tool cases or items of a similar shape and size. At the top of the racking, a full-length top tray with an access door at the rear provides practical storage for long items.  Right side. This racking unit consists of a floor-level compartment with a front panel at the bottom, three large drawers and two shelves. A pull-out work bench with a marble-look surface has been installed between the floor-level compartment and the bottom drawer, offering the option to install a vice at a later date.

Cargo retaining systems and accessories 

Accessories play an important role in this antenna technician’s Ducato. All come from the cargo retaining accessories section of our catalogue and serve a specific purpose. The van is equipped with a total of six cable holders, installed on the racking side panels and the bulkhead, a spray can rack and a bar rack on the racking side panels and a bar with fittings for straps on the bulkhead.  The Ducato is also fitted with two LED ceiling lights to illuminate the cargo compartment evenly. A Saturn Evo security lock on the rear doors deters would-be thieves and improves security for the van’s cargo and equipment.

The versatility of the Syncro Ultra system

So what’s the main advantage of the Syncro Ultra system? Almost all horizontal elements can be combined with any other to create fully customised racking solutions for all users. A good example in this van is the way in which an open shelf has been fitted with a front panel in the left racking. 
Do you install aerials and alarm systems? If so, take a look here too. Or you can find plenty of racking solutions for the Fiat Ducato here and in the pages accessible via the links alongside! 





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