An Opel Movano for a heating engineer

Here’s a great racking solution in an Opel Movano used to install and service heating systems. The van features a complete racking configuration on the left side while the right side and the bulkhead are almost completely free. This solution leaves plenty of floor space for carrying equipment and materials and for easy movement inside the van. If these photos illustrate ideas than might be of use in your own van, carry on reading! If you see nothing of interest, take a look at other racking solutions for the Movano, starting here. Here you can see a different racking solution for a heating engineer’s Movano, here one for a Jumper, and here one for a Boxer.

Protective liners: always recommended, always effective

No matter which Syncro dealer you get to install a racking system in your Movano, you will always be recommended to protect your van’s bodywork with custom-made liners. It’s not just a question of looks. Lining your van protects it against dents, scratches and rust, extends its useful life and saves you costly bodywork repair bills. On top of this, liners also serve another useful purpose by providing robust support for racking and accessories. If you can fix your racking to liners, there’s no need to drill holes in your van’s bodywork. And if, one day, you decide to sell your van, you can simply remove the racking, leaving the original bodywork as good as new. This particular Movano is fitted with a floor liner and bulkhead liner in marble-look plywood. The van’s doors and walls are lined with custom-made steel panels. You can find other lining solutions for the Movano here.

A complete racking system on the left of the Movano

The only side of this heating engineer’s Movano with a complete racking configuration is the left. The system consists of the following elements:
  • one floor-level compartment with a lift-and-rotate door and another open compartment with a strap and hooks
  • a plain shelf with a door, a tray with two metal cases, two metal drawers and a configurable shelf with a non-slip mat and space dividers
  • four shelves with removable plastic containers
  • a full-length top tray with an access door and locking lever at the rear
  • a fold-away vice bench
  • a paper roll holder and a spray can rack that can be installed at any height on side of the racking
  • The right side: maximum efficiency from minimum space

    The items installed on the right of the van extend no further than the wheel arch. At mid-height we can see a bar with three movable and extendable hooks. Above this are two cabinets of tilting transparent containers. Containers of this type are particularly practical when working away from base, as you can see immediately what’s inside and are not likely to run out of anything! This is just one of the many ways in which Syncro System helps you make better use of your time, by not having to return home to pick up missing items or re-purchase lost tools!

    Cargo retaining systems

    The bulkhead is equipped with a single accessory: a bar with a lashing strap and sliding fittings. This simple idea lets you carry loads of all shapes and sizes in complete safety.

    The van’s roof: valuable carrying capacity if properly equipped

    The Opel Movano is a medium-large van, but you may still need more carrying capacity. If you have to transport ladders or other awkwardly shaped items of equipment, you can always ask the Syncro System team to install a Syncro Ultra roof rack. The roof rack on this Movano is a model with rear loading roller and side fences. Well worth noting is the Ultrasilent profile fitted to the underside of the front cross-bar to reduce noise and vibration when the vehicle is travelling.





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