A Boxer for a plumbing business

Peugeot Boxer racking for a plumber

How many ways are there to fit out a Peugeot Boxer? Innumerable! Syncro’s modular racking system allows different racking elements (shelves, lockers, drawers, etc.) to be combined, even in different depths, widths and heights, and complemented by a wide range of accessories. Even if we limit our options to those suitable for a specific profession, the choice remains vast. That is why, for Syncro System installers, every racking system is unique. Here, we are presenting a Boxer racking system for a plumber (a type of tradesman who often comes to Syncro for help). With so many different requirements to satisfy, each racking system is unique. Different needs demand different solutions! Syncro van racking systems really are custom configured. Let’s have a closer look!

Freedom of choice in liners too

The Syncro System catalogue offers a wide choice of liners for protecting the interior of your Boxer. In this particular case, the Syncro team fitted:
  • A plywood floor liner with a marble-look finish. This type of surface guarantees excellent strength and grip and is beautifully easy to clean. A marble-look floor always looks great! The multi-colour dots of the surface hide small marks and imperfections while the uniform surface is particularly quick and easy to clean.
  • The walls and doors have been covered with custom-made panels in painted steel sheet.
On request, Syncro can also fit your Boxer with wheel arch covers, bulkhead liners and even roof liners. Other choices include floor liners in rubber-coated plywood or aluminium tread plate and wall lining panels in aluminium or honeycomb plastic.

Full-height racking for the Boxer

The full height of the van's walls can be exploited, virtually up to the roof. This can be seen in the racking on the left side wall of this plumber’s Boxer. Two columns of racking are installed side by side and are equipped with four metal drawers and five open shelves, including a full-length top tray. Each of these elements is equipped with internal space dividers and special non-slip mats. At floor level, towards the rear of the van, is a cabinet with a fully opening door. This encloses the wheel arch and turns unusable space into practical storage. Nearer the front of the van, the space at the bottom of the racking has been divided into two sections, each fitted with a metal bar and strap cargo retaining system. These two spaces are perfect for transporting large items of equipment like vacuum cleaners and gas cylinders.

The Boxer’s workshop area

The right side wall of this Peugeot Boxer has been converted into the plumber’s workshop area. The racking on this side of the van consists of a closed wheel arch cabinet and two cabinets of metal drawers. It stops half way up the wall. It is topped by a plywood work surface that provides plenty of practical space for the repairs and modifications the plumber has to complete on site. There is also a pull-out bench with a metal vice on this side.

Cargo retaining accessories for the Boxer

Syncro System offers a vast range of accessories for securing cargo inside the van and ensuring a safe journey with no risk of material falling or shifting around on the road. This particular Boxer has been fitted with three metal bar and strap cargo retaining systems, including one on the bulkhead. The van also features a cable holder at the top of the bulkhead, a rail and strap cargo retaining system on the front end of the right side racking, and a paper roll holder.





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