Racking for a refrigeration service

Syncro racking for refrigeration technicians

The Syncro System racking solution illustrated on this page is installed in a Peugeot Boxer operated by a refrigeration service. The van is destined to become one of a fleet of vehicles serving the construction, maintenance, repair, upgrading and sanitisation of refrigeration systems for the food and pharmaceutical industries, the mass retail sector and refrigerated road haulage companies. The correct functioning of refrigeration systems is essential to all these areas of industry if they are to offer customers efficient service. This van had to be converted into a truly functional and efficient mobile workshop. The customer (just like Syncro System) placed great emphasis on the need for quality and safety. Satisfying these objectives involved:
  • Installing racking and accessories made from lightweight but tough materials using precision machinery to guarantee maximum quality;
  • Taking user safety into consideration at every stage of the supply chain, from the production of individual components to the design and installation of the finished racking system and on to after-sales service.

Custom-made liners for the refrigeration service’s van

As with all Syncro System racking projects, the first step in this job too was to protect the interior of the van’s cargo compartment. The van’s bodywork has to be lined with tough, impact-resistant material to maintain its original appearance and avoid the formation of dents, rust and even holes as time goes by. Syncro lined the bulkhead and floor with pre-drilled and pre-shaped plywood panels with a marble-look finish. The bottom sections of the walls were then lined with painted steel sheet panels.

Racking for refrigeration technicians: shelves and drawers

In this Boxer belonging to a refrigeration service, racking is installed on all three walls. Let’s take a closer look, starting with the side walls.
  • Left side wall. The left side racking consists of two almost identical columns containing a number of open shelves with metal space dividers and non-slip mats. Both columns start with wheel arch cabinets that are enclosed at the bottom by full-access fold-down doors. These cabinets permit the practical use of space on the floor while their bottom doors prevent material from falling out. One of the two columns also contains six trays for metal cases and a drawer with an automatic retaining mechanism. The back of the left side racking has been used to install three important accessories: a bar rack with strap, a paper roll holder and a spray can rack.
  • Right side wall. The racking on this side consists of another partly enclosed wheel arch cabinet and a series of five shelves. The special feature here is the addition of a tool panel with hooks and a second bar rack with strap at the rear.

A reinforced area for very heavy loads

The bulkhead has also been fitted out in this van. At the top are container cabinets on three levels, all of limited length to avoid restricting access to the shelves on the left. These provide twenty tilting and removable containers in transparent plastic, ideal for storing small components and spares. The bottom of the bulkhead, protected by a marble-look plywood liner, is fitted with a cut-to-size metal rail for securing gas cylinders or large spares in conjunction with hooks and straps to. A panel of aluminium tread plate has been installed over the marble-look plywood liner here to reinforce the floor and allow particularly heavy cargo to be loaded.

Syncro can turn the roof into usable space

The carrying capacity of this Boxer for a refrigeration service has been significantly increased by the installation of a roof rack with cross-bars and side fences. As the photos show, Syncro’s unique Ultrasilent profile has been applied under the first cross-bar to dramatically reduce the noise and vibration caused by turbulent airflow, greatly improving driving comfort.





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