Racking for vehicle electricians

Custom van racking for an electrical and electronic technician specialising in fitting and repairing vehicle systems

The modern car is a complex machine indeed, with a large number of electrical and electronic systems as well as the engine and bodywork. In fact, almost every system in a modern vehicle requires a specialist technician to repair it, replace it or install it from scratch. The vehicle electrician specialises in replacing electrical components like battery and light bulbs, servicing electrical and electronic systems like the air conditioning, and fitting accessories like in-car entertainment and anti-theft systems. This page reproduces photos of Syncro System racking in a Ford Transit operated by a company that provides electrical maintenance, repairs and roadside assistance services. Roadside assistance in particular has to be provided on the spot where a vehicle breaks down. To do his job, therefore, the vehicle electrician cannot do without a mobile workshop with all the tools and equipment needed to diagnose and repair electrical and electronic faults.

A custom upfit for a vehicle electrician in a Ford Transit: linings, storage and accessories transform the van into a mobile workshop for electrical repairs

In this particular case, Syncro System’s installers made all the modifications and installed all the storage units and accessories necessary to transform the van into a fully functional and highly efficient mobile workshop for assisting vehicles immobilised by electrical, electronic and other such faults. Let’s look more closely at the individual steps in the process.
  • Protection of the van’s interior bodywork. This preliminary phase is essential in order to ensure an extended working life. It prevents materials and equipment from damaging the paintwork of the van’s body. Without proper linings, the small scratches and dents that inevitably appear soon lead to rust and perforation of the bodywork – damage that is as difficult to repair as it is easy to avoid. In this vehicle electrician’s van, the floor has been covered with a panel of non-slip, resinated plywood, while the side walls and the tops of the doors have been lined with pre-painted metal panels.
  • Installation of the van furniture. The left wall of the load compartment has been fitted out as a work area. This consists of a plywood work bench with raised edges, illuminated by a LED lamp on the wall above. Storage for all the spare parts, tools and sundries is provided by a set of metal drawers of various sizes, removable plastic containers and shelves with doors. Maximum use has been made of the bulkhead too: a generous metal drawer unit with nine drawers, an open shelf and a section of transparent plastic containers have been installed here. The bottom of the right side wall has been equipped with a wheel arch cabinet. On top of this stands a set of drawers and open shelves, destined mainly to carry some of the customer’s own equipment, as we shall see below.
  • Installation of accessories. Accessories can radically improve the functionality of any van. That is certainly true of this vehicle electrician’s van, which has been fitted with aerosol holders, hook and strap lashing systems (including two used to secure folding ladders to leave the floor clear), cable holders, tool clip strips, a fold-away vice, a handwash kit with water canister and soap dispenser, and a paper roll holder.
  • Integration of customer’s own equipment. This vehicle electrician needs to carry a large amount of special equipment: an electrical generator for a start, but also a compressor and an air conditioning system recharge station.

Syncro responds to all customer needs: here is how this electrician’s own equipment was incorporated in the Syncro System upfit

One of the main reasons for choosing Syncro van racking and storage lies in Syncro’s twenty years of experience in responding to customer needs. Syncro installers have all the skills needed to satisfy customers, even in the case of highly specific needs. In this particular case, the most challenging requirement was to integrate the customer’s own equipment in the upfit. This mission was accomplished thanks to the combined use of lashing systems and storage cabinets. The air conditioning recharge station was secured in the safest of manners by a robust lashing strap, while the compressor and accumulator were housed neatly inside a cabinet on the left side, supported by a plywood floor and held in place by another strap. The need for an adequate air supply to the compressor was satisfied by aligning the rear of the cabinet with the vehicle’s side door. The generator was installed at floor level in the compartment nearest the bulkhead. Two ladders were secured to the sides of the unit by hook and strap systems of the kind already seen.





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