Racking for compressor technicians

Syncro System can create customised mobile workshops for compressor technicians and upfit any van for the transport of compressors.

Syncro System can upfit the racking systems and mobile workshops technicians need to install and service compressors of all dimensions. Compressors are among the most common machines in modern workshops and factories. In simple terms, a compressor is nothing other than a machine for making compressed air (or other gases) for use in a wide variety of applications in small and large industries. Simple compressors are often used in the home for everyday tasks like inflating bicycle tyres and blowing dust and dirt out of other machines and tools. Larger models are more sophisticated and powerful, and are used in small, medium and large businesses and industries: typical applications include spray painting (as in bodywork repair shops and furniture works) and sand blasting. There are also special compressors for medical applications. Given the variety and complexity of compressor designs and functionalities, breakdowns and problems have to be referred to specialist technical personnel. While the largest models are generally installed and serviced directly by the manufacturers, most other models, especially “portable” ones, are serviced by qualified compressor technicians. The compressor technician inevitably needs a van to travel from one call to the next. Provided the van is suitably equipped, it can even be used to perform minor repairs directly on site or, in the event of major breakdowns, take the compressor back to the workshop to strip it down and replace any failed or malfunctioning parts. It goes without saying that a compressor technician’s van has to be properly fitted out to carry all the necessary spares and tools in an orderly manner and also provide the necessary floor space to carry bulky compressors safely.

Whatever you need, Syncro System has the solution

Syncro System has drawn on twenty years of experience in van storage to develop a modular racking system that allows custom solutions to be designed for any purpose. The cabinets and accessories produced by Syncro at its factory in San Zeno di Cassola, Italy, are modular, interchangeable and available in various sizes to suit all makes and models of van. Thanks to unrivalled experience and continuous research, Syncro’s installers can offer customers truly personal solutions to all kinds of requirement, and transform any van body into a highly functional workplace, optimised for the customer’s professional needs. Syncro’s installers can create custom storage and workshop solutions for compressor service technicians, paint sprayers, sand blasters and all other professionals who need to carry a compressor in their van. Load compartments can be fitted with drawer units, cabinets, shelving, containers and component cases, and lashing straps and other accessories can be installed to secure compressors and stop them falling over or sliding around during transport.

This example: a Renault Master fitted out as a mobile workshop for a compressor technician

Just look at this photo gallery and you’ll see what we mean when we talk about "high levels of customisation" and "personalised solutions". The Renault Master featured here was fitted out by Syncro as a travelling workshop for a service technician specialising in compressors and ancillaries. This solution was created on the basis of customer input and Syncro’s unique design philosophy: optimised space and maximised safety and functionality. As always, the first step in this project was consolidation of the van interior. The side walls and rear doors were lined with pre-painted sheet metal panels while the bulkhead and floor were reinforced with marine grade plywood. A robust floor covering is essential for carrying heavy items like compressors, which could easily scratch or dent the original floor. Syncro’s installers then fitted the left and right side walls with wheel arch, drawer and shelving units and plastic containers for small parts and tools. On the left, in front of the side door, space was left to carry a compressor, and robust lashing straps provided to hold it safely in place. The upfit was completed by adding accessories like a paper roll holder, cable holders, a fold-away vice support and a handwash kit consisting of a water canister and a liquid soap dispenser.





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