Van equipment for liquid metering and dispensing technicians

Racking for liquid metering and dispensing technicians

Processes involving large volumes of liquid need metering systems far more complex than simple scales or weighing equipment. The liquids involved can also vary as widely as fuels, urea, chemical compounds, and liquid foods. Whatever the context, dedicated metering and dispensing systems are required to allow the companies handling such liquids to comply with applicable laws and standards. Mechanical systems are generally used to transfer and meter large volumes, especially if the liquid concerned is dense and viscous. Hydraulic systems are more common for handling smaller quantities of less dense liquids. There are special applications too: dedicated systems are required to irrigate surfaces where dust cannot be allowed to settle, to aspirate fumes from oil containers, and to dispense aviation fuels to helicopters and aeroplanes. Liquid metering companies provide an essential service to many areas of industry, especially where scheduled inspection and servicing is mandatory, and an official weights and measures inspector has to be present and specific types of meter used. To perform these inspections and certify the proper functioning of these systems, specialist technicians have to travel to the companies and sites concerned and therefore need a van with racking suitable for working with liquid metering systems. One such van is illustrated on this page.

Special requirements for vans used to service liquid metering systems

The van shown in the photos on this page is a compact model, but Syncro System has exploited the space inside in an extremely effective way. As a result the van fully satisfies the requirements of its operators, a company that provides an inspection service for fluid metering systems. These requirements were:
  • To be able to perform minor repairs to equipment on site, without having to return to base;
  • To have plenty of closed storage space for carrying tools, components and spares in an orderly manner;
  • To keep a large area of floor free for carrying potentially bulky items of equipment that need major repairs in the company’s workshop and for carrying replacement systems;
  • To be able to provide technical assistance under the most favourable logistic conditions.

Storage in a van used for inspecting liquid metering systems

Let’s see how Syncro System’s installers went about satisfying the needs of a company that provides an inspection service for all kinds of liquid metering systems. To start with, the van interior was lined with a non-slip, resinated plywood floor. Resinated plywood is the ideal material for cases like this, where spillages can happen on a regular basis, even involving oils and other liquids that could attack and ruin the thin metal panels from which the original van floor is made. Syncro’s pre-cut and pre-drilled floors are made from plywood formed using phenolic adhesives and coated with a resin surface for resistance to water and even aggressive liquids. The van walls were then lined with pre-painted metal panels that are easy to wash down and provide the perfect anchorage for Syncro’s storage modules. The storage itself, simple but highly functional, is installed only along the left side wall. It comprises an open wheel arch unit with metal drawer units on top, containing two different sizes of drawer. Above this again are two levels of shelving. The shelves and the drawers are equipped with practical mats made from a special anti-slip material to stop items sliding around during transport. The space inside can also be configured as needed using dedicated metal dividers. A vice with pull-out support turns this liquid metering technician’s van into a mobile workshop where minor repairs can be carried out to the systems being serviced. A paper roll holder has been fitted to the side of the storage cabinets nearest the van’s rear door. This accessory is an essential addition to any van destined for use as a mobile workshop.





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