Syncro System Ultra racking in a building firm’s Connect

Syncro Ultra racking for a building firm 

Building firms always need more than one vehicle. Their fleet is generally made up of at least two vehicles: one of the larger commercials for carrying bulky material, earth and rubble, and a smaller van, just like the Connect illustrated in the photo gallery on this page.  What does this second vehicle need? 
  • Plenty of free floor space for carrying sacks, bins, tools and other items, some in daily use, others needed less frequently 
  • A number of compartments, preferably closed in, for carrying small items, spare parts and small to medium size tools 
  • Systems for securing cargo for transport

Complete lining systems for the Ford Connect

In the building trade, bringing mud and dirt into your van and transporting awkward and potentially hazardous tools is something you have to live with on a daily basis. It really is essential, therefore, to protect the interior of your van against the dents and scratches that could so easily lead to the formation of rust. The owners of this Connect chose to protect the floor with a marble-look plywood floor liner. The floor is always the part of the van most subject to wear and tear, not only from users’ footwear but from loading and unloading operations too. This type of liner not only provides effective protection but also makes the floor easy to clean – a major benefit in the building trade. Had they wanted, the owners could have chosen to line the van’s doors and walls and even the bulkhead too.

Racking on just one side of the Connect

All the racking in this building firm’s Ford Connect is installed on the left side wall. The system features a generous number of compartments, some open, others enclosed, arranged to suit the needs of the van’s users. This kind of personalisation is only possible thanks to the amazing modularity and flexibility of Ultra racking, which allows horizontal elements to be combined in any sequence. This particular van is fitted with: 
  • metal drawers with non-slip mats and space dividers;
  • open shelves, including one with a raised back panel to stop material falling down behind; 
  • case trays
  • ;
  • one floor-level compartment with a door and another with a retaining strap at the front 
  • various useful accessories 

Syncro accessories in the builders’ Connect

The number of Syncro System accessories you can install in your van is limited only by the space available. Accessories can be installed on the side walls, the doors, the sides of the racking and, in some cases, even on the front of the racking. The presence of regularly spaced holes in the racking side panels lets you position accessories wherever you want and even move them around as you wish after the installation has been completed.  The van seen here is fitted with a silicone tube rack, a multi-purpose storage rack, a first aid kit and, on the bulkhead, a versatile cargo retaining system consisting of a metal bar fixed to the van’s body and a strap with fittings that can slide along the bar as needed. You can find other racking systems for the Connect at this link and on the pages listed alongside.    If you are looking for racking solutions for builders, click here to view a Talento owned by a firm that does wall finishing.





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