A Renault Trafic for a heating and air conditioning firm

Protect first, install later: standard procedure for the Trafic too

We do it nearly always. And we always recommend it! We are talking, of course, about fitting proper floor and bodywork liners before starting to install the racking as such. Why is this so important? Because the van’s floor and its bodywork are never very strong and can easily be scratched, dented or even holed, leading to the formation of rust and to rapid loss of value.  By protecting at least the floor, but ideally the floor, walls, doors and roof of your van with custom-made liners, Syncro can eliminate the risk of damage and deterioration! The Trafic shown in the photos on this page is fitted with a marble-look plywood floor liner, while the walls and top halves of the doors are protected by prepainted sheet steel liners.

Syncro Ultra makes it easy to combine drawers and shelves

The racking on the left side wall of this van clearly demonstrates the versatility of the Ultra system for arranging horizontal racking elements. The racking is particularly simple at the centre, where six shelves meet, each with its own non-slip mat and metal space dividers.  Under the shelves, however, the configuration differs on either side of the central panels. Here, different storage solutions have been chosen to meet the needs of the customer, a firm that specialises in commercial and industrial heating and air conditioning systems. The compartment nearer the front of the van contains a bar and strap case transport system while the compartment over the wheel arch has been divided up to include three separate items: 
  • a case tray that pulls out just like a drawer but retains its cases securely while the van is moving 
  • a pull-out vice bench complete with metal vice
  • a storage compartment with a door, enclosing the wheel arch itself. 

Custom-made wall cabinets with transparent containers

The right side wall is fitted with an unusual solution designed to meet the needs of the customer. A set of cabinets containing Multibox transparent containers is installed at the top of the wall and supported by a custom-made aluminium frame constructed from standard Syncro components.  The open space underneath the cabinets houses the van’s cleaning accessories.

Different accessories for 100% functionality 

Cleaning accessories:
  • A paper roll holder is fitted near the rear doors, at the rear of the left side racking. 
  • A handwash kit comprising a soap dispenser and plastic water can complete with tap, strap and holder is installed on the van’s right wall under the Multibox cabinets, where it does not take up valuable floor space.
Cargo retaining accessories::
  • A floor-level case transport compartment is provided on the left side wall. This consists of a metal bar, a sliding fitting with a locking knob, straps and an end plate for securing a variable number of cases of all shapes and sizes. 
  • A cargo retaining bar with sliding fittings and straps is installed on the van’s bulkhead. 
Plumbers, heating engineers and air conditioning technicians all need a well-equipped van to do their jobs properly. If you are a professional in one of these areas and want to improve the quality of your work while saving time and money too, you can find inspiration in the racking solutions that Syncro System lists for you below. Not every photo on the linked pages illustrates the new Syncro Ultra system (which you can easily recognise by the holes in the side panels), but ANY solution constructed with our “old system” can also be made with Syncro Ultra, which permits infinitely more combinations of racking elements and accessories. Connect and Fiorino racking solutions for heating engineers; a Ford Courier for a heating engineer; a Dokker for a heating engineer.  Racking for air conditioning technicians; a Courier for an aircon engineer; a Dacia Dokker for an air conditioning technician.  A Berlingo for an aircon, heating and boiler service;  a Vito for a heating service.





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