Fiat Ducato for an industrial heating and cooling firm

The firm that owns this van installs and services heating and cooling systems for small, medium and large workplaces. The special water cooling and radiant heating systems they provide absorb very little energy and offer significant savings. Because the parts and equipment concerned are so bulky, the van had to be fitted out in a way that leaves plenty of free space for carrying cargo safely.

The racking project for this Ducato 

The work carried out on the Ducato seen here was completed in the following stages: 
  • 1. lining the floor, walls and doors
  • 2. installing the benches and lashing systems along the walls 
  • 3. installing the shelves with containers on the bulkhead 
  • 4. fitting the accessories 
  • 5. fitting the roof rack .

Phase 1: protecting the Ducato’s interior 

As with all vans, the first thing Syncro did with this Ducato was to protect its bodywork. The floor was covered with a beech plywood liner with a marble-look surface, while the walls and doors were lined from top to bottom with painted steel panels. Thanks to this protection, the van’s cargo compartment is now far better able to withstand impact, dust and humidity, and the van will enjoy a far longer life.

Phase 2: the Ducato’s side walls 

To satisfy the need for space to transport large equipment, the two walls were left almost completely free. The only items installed were: 
  • Ultra benches with perforated side panels, a front bottom panel and a plywood top with a marble-look upper surface, ideal for supporting the long, heavy posts that the customer needs to carry;
  • strap and hook lashing systems for securing loads to the benches and stopping items falling on to the floor;
  • metal slider bars at the top of both walls, with movable and adjustable hooks for electrical cables and extensions.

Phase 3: shelves with containers on the bulkhead 

While the van’s walls were dedicated to transporting heavy objects, the bulkhead was equipped with a storage system for tools, spares and sundries.  Proceeding from the bottom up, this extremely functional section of racking includes a case compartment with bar, strap and ratchet tensioner for securing tool and component cases; three shelves of large, removable plastic containers and another two shelves of smaller containers. Each of these bin-type containers can be fitted with internal space dividers to keep materials in separate compartments.

Phase 4: accessories 

In addition to the cargo retaining systems on the side walls, essential for the safe transport of heavy items without them sliding around or falling, this heating and cooling firm’s Ducato was also fitted with: 
  • a first aid kit;
  • a fold-down work table, complete with cargo lashing strap. In next to no time, this table can be folded flat against the wall or swung out for use as a desk or a shelf for small boxes or similar items. 

Phase 5: roof rack 

On this Ducato, the roof provides valuable extra cargo capacity. Given the need to carry systems and components, often in bulky packaging, the van’s roof was fitted with a Syncro roof rack, complete with rear roller for easy loading and unloading, side fences to stop material falling off, and Syncro’s unique Ultrasilent profile for minimum noise and maximum comfort on the road.

Phase 6: additional security locks

Finally, to stop thieves breaking into the van and stealing valuable materials, the Syncro team fitted the doors with a pair of UFO security locks. These locks are made from hardened and tempered steel and offer a high level of security for cargo. 
Want to see other racking systems for the Fiat Ducato? Check out this page and the links in the menu alongside.  Or, for other vans with custom racking for heating and cooling engineers, see: Ford Courier, VW Crafter, Renault Trafic





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